Gamut Si100

Hello All,

anybody familliar with this amp? Any comments on sound and build quality?

Very good built but maybe a little expensive. In a HIFICRITIC group test it scored around 32 while the Krell S 300i scored 45; the Krell can be had new for $2000. It was still recommended by them while the Krell was a best buy; I suspect the 150 might be considerably better. The 200 power amp certainly has a very good rep, I was going to get one before I got my CJ 350. VOLVOs RULE! I forget just how many I have had, have a 850 Turbo now.
Hi Stanwal,

Thanks for the response. I was curious about the Si100 beacuse of the single pair of output devices it uses. The Di is a tooo expensive. Yes, Volvos rule! I had a 240dl wagon and a 850 turbo as well. I dont have one any more though...after Volvo was taken up by Ford and now Geeeley? I lost hope.
Hello All,

I tried this integrated amp out. It has great build quality and strong bass. However, the top end is pushed way forward/bright/harsh.It did not work for me...
It may need time if its new,YMMV,Bob
Amp was broken in...
Gamut amps can be accused of anything but harsh.