Gallo Ref 3.1 stands, need more stability, help...

I am very happy with my Ref. 3.1 speakers but the base is way too unstable for my household that includes dogs. The lateral stability is horrible. I have read threads here about various stand options but I still have a few questions.

The cheapest tweak was a pair of Auralex Mopad Monitor isolation pads. These sound great. This $39 experiment convinced me that better stands are the way to go. The bass is much better, soundstage fuller, just sweeter in every way on my tile flooring. The only problem is that they are foam and not even as stable as the original feet.

The Bright Star Audio stand looks ideal but I can't find one for sale.

The Mapleshade is a bit expensive. Is the added 4 inches of width and added mass enough to make a serious improvement in the stability of the speakers? I would get the radiused feet.

I need stability but I also want an improvement in sound for my money. What have the Gallo mavens discovered? Will the Mapleshades fit the bill?
go to and check out their outriggers
I STRONGLY recommend the Mapleshade stands. Yes they're expensive (I have the 4" versions). They make the speakers totally stable. But more important, they literally transform the sound especially in the lower midrange and upper bass, where they add a solidity and "authority" to the sound that the Gallos never had, and I thought they were pretty great before adding the stands. I wouldn't have believed the difference they make. Dave
I built 4" stands of solid maple following Mapleshades exact dimensions. I bought heavy footers from Edensound, so mine are not an exact copy. I did it for the same reasonas you, stability. The sound as Dopogue correctly stated improved across the board. Mapleshade's stands will NOT allow you to use your speaker covers though. My stands have a groove routed in them that will, which for me was a must because of occasional visits from small children.

With the labor, materials, and brass feet I have invested in these it makes Mapleshade's seem reasonably priced. Your not just getting stabillity, you are getting an overall improvement in the sound as well.
How much do the 4" Mapleshade stands weigh? Totally stable, would you think that this would include a 50 lb. dog knocking into the side? Would the stand just scoot over or topple?

The improvement in sound will be icing on the cake...
Those stands will neither scoot nor topple. It's not just their weight (not noted in the Mapleshade catalog, but substantial). It's their breadth and the heavy, pointed "Megafeet" that plant them firmly to whatever they're sitting on. Of course your dog could always put a foot through a woofer (appropriate, huh?), but that could happen with many a speaker. Dave

I had a robust 80lb dog knock over one of my Gallos and damage the speaker cover. The original feet are only 6" apart and the stands can't weigh more than a cpl of pounds. The 4" stands feet are 11" apart and weigh close 15 pounds. The mass is all at the bottom due to the weight and the low center of gravity. These are not going to tip over.
Woofer, I get it. ;)

Thanks guys. I found another photo on the Mapleshade site that puts things in a better perspective:

Much better photo than just a closeup of the stand on the speaker.

I notice their statement about treble and imaging for those standing, what does it do for those of us sitting?

Only problem now is that my wife likes the cherry but the custom orders don't allow a 30 day trial period. I tried calling about getting a B stock demo pair to try before buying a set in cherry. No answer, so I'm awaiting an email reply.

I sit 15 feet from my speakers.
I prefer a little less angle on the speakers to achive optimum treble and midrange from my seat. I have the back feet screwed out about 1/4" making the difference from the back to front feet about 1/2" instead of 3/4" YMMMV Got the house to myself, listening right now. Sounds wonderful.
No B stock/trials available so I just ordered a pair. They weigh 40 lb. per stand, pretty substantial. Shipping costs are high at $70 a pair. The photos on the web site make it hard to determine which color is best. Does everyone have the natural maple or custom finish?

We went with the natural. If we don't like them they can be returned. If my wife wants, we can exchange them for the cherry bases and I'll be out ~110 in shipping.
This may be too late, but I would like to share another less expensive option. I used two 2 1/2" thick,16x16 solid cutting wood blocks from Ross store ($25 each). Mount the speakers to the blocks with couple of 3 1/2 " long through bolts. The existing fasteners are metric, so make sure to take the spike to the hardware store to confirm the right size bolts. Drill new holes for the footing at the desired width. I kept the front and back distance same as the origninal design, you can add metal washers to adjust the height and anlge of the speakers later. This solution will give you the similar result to the mapleshades base. IMO, it's the added weight of the bases and the stability that tranformed the sound of the speakers and not the type of wood. You can finish the base with few coats of black paint and they look like they come from the factory that way :) All for total of $65.

I'm interested.

What/Where is Ross Store?
Ross is a discount clothing store chain. You can Google them to find a store in your area. The boards are in their kitchen section.
Thanks Ritrau,

I had googled them, and saw the clothing store, but thought there may be another that I hadn't found. FWIW there are none less than an hour away, but I may stop in when we go visit my sister-in-law.

Thanks, Barry