Furutech GTX NCF receptical break in, how long

Bought NCF with 6 day burn from seller. I have it burning in last 5 days on 2 cheap power bars with old desk top towers, fans, TiVo box, home theater amps. My amp and Preamp, phono stage and CD player are all tube so I don't use them. Ran system on outlet tonight and no bass, bright, sounds bad. First day with outlet it sounded very nice. Any owners of rhodium outlets can tell me what I'm in for time wise, or what to expect sound wise in next couple weeks, thanks
Just over a 120hrs on the GTX ncf and last night sounded good with bass extension returning, the two nights before had me worried. I do use a 1hr break with no signal as two allow a relax period then back at it. I'm burning in Morrow Audio MA 5 xlr's  as well which arrived two days prior and last night indicates when all said and done this will be great.
Don't be surprised if the Furutech GTX NCF outlet alters good to bad and takes hundreds of hours to break-in and sound good 100% of the time as has been stated earlier.
I'm in for the long haul as I've been burning in gear for the last three months and this is the icing on the cake!
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