Furutech GTX NCF receptical break in, how long

Bought NCF with 6 day burn from seller. I have it burning in last 5 days on 2 cheap power bars with old desk top towers, fans, TiVo box, home theater amps. My amp and Preamp, phono stage and CD player are all tube so I don't use them. Ran system on outlet tonight and no bass, bright, sounds bad. First day with outlet it sounded very nice. Any owners of rhodium outlets can tell me what I'm in for time wise, or what to expect sound wise in next couple weeks, thanks
Get out your meditation mat, light some incense and start chanting! 
I'm not here to open a can of worms on cable or outlet burn in, just advice from others that that have experienced what I'm hearing. Am I looking at 3,4 or 500 hours of break in time? It would be nice if people like roberjerman would keep there sarcasm to themselves.
I don't have direct experience with Furutech's NCF Rhodium receptacles into the wall since all of my NCF Rhodium receptacles are in a power supply.  Being the same receptacles, my findings may apply. They went through extended burn in at the builder's location (I don't remember how long; likely a week) and sounded very good after two weeks of active use in my system. I found marginal improvements / settling over the third and fourth weeks. 
Rhodium takes a seriously long time to break in so hang in there!
In having burned in more than a dozen rhodium components, I would put the real burn-in at about 200-240 hours for anything that has a Furutech level of rhodium plating.  It really depends on the system, but the last bit of 160-200 hours could be very bright, harsh and painful.  Or you may not even notice it (an outlet is somewhat removed from the equipment circuit as you still have power cord, IEC, fuse to go through before the electrical hits your actual circuit).
Thanks, just want bass to come back,my speakers go low and its very bass shy and not worth listening to. I can handle tipped up treble.I'm at just under 300 hours. I was considering pulling it and moving it to fridge and freezer for a couple weeks.
Auxinput is correct, painful treble did come in at around 160 hours and is unlistenable but that is gone now at 300 hours.

Don't give up on it. It takes some time. Easily the best receptacle I've used.
This morning everything was the same. So I ran an long extension cord outside to air compressor. Rigged it so it runs continues, ran it 30 minutes then turned it off and on 15 or 20 times. Ran it 15 minutes then off and on 20 times did this for over an hour per socket, so maybe hour and half per socket. Hooked system back up bass was back highs were very smooth, I know it sounds crazy but it worked. After everything warmed up an hour or so this system has never sounded this good. Thank you for everyone's support.

Great to hear it's performing to your expectations!
@paulcreed, Just curious, is the outlet still sounding as good today as it did yesterday?
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kosst_amojan, only problem my system has it's going to have to break in more NCF outlets because I'm buying more. After bass came back over next couple days it kept improving and became more and more enjoyable to listen to, actually shocked. Big tight bass and killer information retrieval but very natural sounding from an outlet, who would think. I didn't know $200 could buy this much improvement.
I suspect your outlet was not actually burned in for 6 days from the seller.  Your loss of bass is typical for part of the burn-in process.  Your initial 5 days of burn in was only about 125 hours.  I usually recommend a straight 10 day (24/7) burn in before it really settles down.
+1 @auxinput  What you say may have been the case.
I agree, with the idea of burning in the Furutech GTX NCF outlet 24/7 for at least 10 days, possibly longer depending upon the method of burn-in. I've used my Audiodharma cable cooker on five Furutech GTX-D Rhodium outlets that I left on for three weeks or longer but I don't know that they had to be burned in for that length of time. I have my first Furutech GTX NCF outlet on the cable cooked now, sounds like its going to need the same amount of time from what others have written.
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Many have posted on a variety of Audiogon forums that they have had the exact type of long break-in time with the Furutech GTX-D Rhodium outlets, and I know many of these Audiophiles have excellent equipment. Rhodium plated items require a longer break-in as do cryogenitacly treated products.
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kosst_amojan, if you like here is my system, VTL mono blocks, Manley, BAT and Don Allen preamps, Exemplar Audio modded  Oppo tube CD player, Manley phono preamp, Linn lp12 Cirkus,with Pink Triangle Pink Linnk out board power supply, Soundsmith cartridge, Running Springs power conditioner. I'm sorry but it's not "nonsense" what my system went through over the last couple weeks. Even my kids heard the difference from another room and they could care less about 2 channel audio. I find you very close minded and rude. There doesn't have to be tangible evidence just the ability to accept what you are hearing and from what others have said here I'm not alone.

If you have not owned a Furutech GTX-D Rhodium or Gold outlet and gone through the break-in process your personal thought doesn't count. The OP isn't looking for what you think, unless you own one. Take your argument elsewhere please... "Like I've argued elsewhere"
After my post on 5/9/18 claiming "big tight bass and killer information retrieval" I was very happy with results. The only thing that was missing was the little sparkle on top end that was there the first day I installed outlet which was 5/1/18. I was told by dealer I bought NCF from all that would come back when it was broken in. Yeasterday 5/13/18 out of nowhere extra little sparkle came back. That puts break in right at 2 weeks plus the 6 day burnin from dealer for anyone going through Furutech break in. I won't mention dealer name but he is a very honest brick and mortar Furutech dealer that I have dealt with in the past. He may have made a honest mistake and sent me a non burned in outlet, I will never know.

OP, what type of outlet were you previously using? I might go with the Furutech too in the near future.

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OP, six days on a cable cooker will help but not fully break in that Furutech GTX NCF outlet.

@kosst_amojan, no offense meant to you by my posts above, but for the record do you use a Furutech GTX Gold or Rhodium outlet?

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I don't disagree with your theory at all.
What I am suggesting is that if you install a new, unused Furutech GTX Gold, Rhodium, or NFC outlet into your wall outlet as others have you will experience the same results as described above.
No, I don't, and I wouldn't given an unlimited budget either. I think these "tweaks" are antithetical to HiFi. The entire point of a high fidelity gain stage is to build a circuit as revealing of the input signal as possible while revealing nothing in the source of power. I consider these kinds of tweaks revealing only the weakness of the gear. It takes no skill or cost to build gear sensitive to anything coming through the mains. It takes skill and money to build gear that is indifferent to it.
I don't intend to create a personal feud since you and I just disagreed about something rather trivial in another thread, but again, I feel compelled to comment. Your view is the same as mine in THEORY but the reality is that the vast majority of very well designed amplifiers are still affected by these kinds of things. When you climb up the ladder to very sophisticated revealing sources, preamp, amp, cabling, and speakers, the "everything matters" effect becomes more and more applicable. I mostly agree with you. Many if not most times, a very well designed amp is going to sound best plugged directly into the wall. But the wire from the duplex to the panel and the duplex and the PC often make a positive difference. It's not huge, but it's there. If your power is dirty, a conditioner can make a very positive difference. Most of us are way too busy to spend hour after hour experimenting and undergoing the expense and headache of swapping out power conditioners so the natural inclination of many is to say it is one more aspect of high end snake oil. The naysayers simply don't know what they are missing. 
My Tinnitus tells me a receptacle needs breakin...FACT!
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It would be truly amazing if the general public thought about this hobby at all! I think the perceived, and real, high cost of gear and lack of interest in audio keeps the public away not some idea that it's "snake oil".
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kosst the question is how is "audio gear" defined in that $3 billion number you throw out and in the $1.5 billion number how many of those are desktop or computer or bluetooth speakers? I agree it does take getting people to listen but the vast majority can't even conceive of active listening unless it's with headphones.
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Based on my experience with the NCF outlets, they take about 400 hours to settle down and at least 600 hours to run in. Before settling down, expect the unexpected as the sound will drastically vary each day.
So, everyone who is reading many of kosst’s posts, please read with a grain of salt.  Kosst has apparently made it his life mission to make sure we all feel silly for listening to different things and actually hearing differences.  Kosst, either you are really a troll in some fashion, or you really cannot hear differences with rhodium connectors or burn in, or you are actually letting your mind believe that you are hearing differences because you can see them on a scope.  It could actually very well be a combination of the last two items.
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This is starting to sound like one of these two threads: https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/new-tweak-its-fantastic
or: https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/the-new-synergistic-research-blue-fuses
I'm not going to waste any more time trying to reason with someone that's theory opinioned but hasn't tried a specific product themselves, but has all the amswers.
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On a positive note, the OP got the answer to the question he asked!
 @ paulcreed,  I have burned in many furutech receptacle's, the answer about the time frame is 500 hrs for most of the performance values, however, the incredible treble detail comes last, usually 700 hrs, done the ole fashioned way, playing music. 
I've burned in my share of wire and gear over the years but this outlet takes the cake. Everything was nice this weekend then 2 nights ago it became bass shy again, detail and vocals are still nice but can start to shout at me at time. I've put everything back on 24/7 burn in again. I'm a little under 400 hours ( I quit 24/7 burn in after it started sounding better) not including supposedly 6 day dealer burnin. I did notice when things were sounding nice the bass was not as big and boomy as before NCF outlet but more controlled, which I liked.

lak, I feel your aggravation with kosst_amojan. He has been a member 1 year and a couple days and has over 1200 post all ranting the same thing he does here. Also he has never bought or sold a thing on Audiogon. It's bad enough waiting for your system to settle down while breaking in a component and looking for insight and help from knowledgeable people on this forum that have experienced the same as I without ignorant comments from kosst. I really would like to know what kosst system consist of to not hear improvement from anything power related. If that's the case he real needs to have his "stuff" checked out because something is really wrong with it! 

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Then then list your system here kosst, lets see what's not garbage

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no thanks , your the one that stated " like I've argued this elsewhere" I also was looking at buying a fuse and glanced at fuse thread and there you were being the same broken record as you are here. I assume you carry your ignorant philosophy everywhere you go! I don't think I'll be researching kosst_amojan, so list your system
kosst, I find you very offensive and I bet so would the high end audio manufactures. I added a Hubble hospital grade outlet to a Pass Lab x 250 and a old Theshold years back there were improvements across the board, my first non contractor grade outlet. Why don't you email Pass Lab and talk to them about there power supply's. See if they think they are garbage. I've become friends over the years with some of these manufactures we send each other albums, funny emails, Christmas cards. Never met them but we can talk for hours on a personal level and help building a system, and for you to call there power supply's garbage is personal. I first came here for help with a problem as this being my first outlet other than the Hubble. Now problem has resurfaced. I don't even want to post anything about it because I know your hanging over all heads waiting to pounce, please go back where you came from, I'm asking nicely, if you not helping me or others please stay away.

@ Paulcreed, Lol!, I forgot to mention the furutech gtx-Rhodium duplex, and the  NCF version  is a bad roller coaster ride so to speak of,  I  hated breaking in these receptacle's more than anything in 40 yrs!, the good news is be patient,  there is no better receptacle's 🥃🍷🍸🍹🍺.
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