Review: Porter Ports Hubbell 20 amp wall receptical Tweak

Category: Accessories

My musical tastes lean only towards Piano Jazz,female jazz singers like Patricia Barber,Karen Allyson,Tierney Suttan and some guitar stuff ,Lee Ritenour,Chuck Loeb etc....
My system is pretty simple Thor T1000 linestage,Thor TPA 30,Meridian 508/24 cd player with Kharma 1.0 loudspeakers.Wire and cables are "Poiema" series by Ridges Street audio and Discovery power cords.
The first thing I noticed about the Porter Ports where the great fit. Once the plugs are inserted ,they are not going anywhere.Great contact. My expectations where not all the high,considering the cost,but boeing a read so much about these on Audiogon I figure I should give em a shot.
First off my system sounded very good and had no real complaints about the other wall plugs but I had to try these anyway. Compared to the stock recepicals the Porter Ports offer more punch,a definate darker background and the highs are more sweet and refined.The degree of all these improvements are very high for the $$$$ I paid. Definately one of the best values out there..

Associated gear
Thor TPA 30 watt monos and T1000 Linestage both each plugged directly into seperate dedicated (I have 4 )20 amp lines. and Meridian 508/24 into Chang Lightspeed which is plugged into 3rd
dedicated line.

Similar products
Compared only to Electrician stock stock hospitial grade plugs.Newly constructed home.
These are excellent all the way around. A lot of the big buck ones color the sound by hyping the highs and lows, some will be more forward, but for over all performance the Porters are very very good. Now start working on your room.