Full Function preamp

I am looking for suggestions between A kora Eclipse or an EAR 864. Santa was very nice to me with the gift a new VPI Scout and Shelter 501 cartridge, so I need to upgrade my AES AE-3(Kit) pre-amp and grado PH-1 phono stage. My amps are also Kora Cosmos. I do prefer these 2 for the reason that they both have pretty good phono stages and balanced output since I have a 18' run to the Amps. What are your thoughts on this.

Thanks for help
I would think you might consider the Kora and take advantage of potential synergy with your amps. I think either choice is a good one though and there are at least a few of both of those preamps available on Audiogon right now. Try picking one up used and if it doesn't suit simply resell it for as close to your purchase price as you can and buy the other. That sure sounds like a fun project to me.
Used Audible Illusions Modulus 3A...great tubed phono stage, optional John Curl moving coil board, all triode design and dedicated power supply. I replaced an Audio Note preamplifier with this and have never looked back. My other choice (would prefer actually) is the VTL Ultimate but they are hard to find and most of them will require much more money thrown at them after purchase due to age. Tubes and caps almost certainly would have to be replaced/upgraded as well as a general cleaning I suspect.

The Art Audio tube phono preamp is very nice and one was for sale at 995. Lovely looking unit; main issue is no balance control at all which I require as much of my library is live digital tapes that sometimes have Left/right channels with record level differences.

Don't forget Acoustic Research. Their vintage SP6 and SP8 are excellent phono preamplifiers. My comments about the VTL apply here as we are talking of around 20 year old components.

Thanks for the replies, I am probably going to go ahead with Kora at least to start(Used). It would more tthan likely have the better synergy with my Kora Mono's, and
I can connect via balanced between them. Should be completed within the next couple of weeks and will let you know how they work.