My Rogue 99 preamp is haunted?

Only when its powered on...

The volume selector turns itself down. I watch it go where there is no volume at all. I watch it spin within 10 seconds all the down.

When he preamp is powered off it stays in whatever position i put it.

Any ideas or is off for service?

Thanks for the help in advance.
Definitely haunted:)Email Rogue directly for advice,it may be a diy fix.
Ready for a laugh....

Well I did call....I am sure that the team at Rogue is laughing about me all day today. I dont take offense.....

He said without insulting you lets check the remote. I found it with a Scrabble game box pressing the down button. LOL

I have been laughing for 10 minutes about this..Thanks Rogue for the help.

And if you cant laugh at yourself....
Scrabble does it every time!!! LOL!!
It would have been funnier (or scarier) if it had been an Ouija board! :-)
funny thing

when I use my TV remote volume up my amp volume goes down and TV goes up like it is supposed to!

I guess my amp and TV are on same frequency...

wait til Halloween for the haunted posts...

That's awesome and I'm sure Mark and the boys were happy it wasn't something serious (and you too). I'm in Philjolet's camp but ts when I change volume on my integrated it changes volume level on my CDP which is also a pre amp. If I mute the amp it mutes the CDP as well.
That's hilarious!But glad it wasn't haunted and all is well!
P-R-E-A-M-P-S on a Scrabble board,... if you can get one of the P's on a double letter square, any letter on a triple word square, and a 50 point bonus for using 7 letters ..... Wow !!!!... that could be worth 98 points ! Nice move !

I challenge!