from Cary 98 to Cary 05 what you gain?

Well now I'm thinking to upgrade from my lovely Cary slp98p anniversary/oil caps preamp. I did some tests and I need these: more more dynamics, bigger soundstage, more slam, and most of all better high frequencies and transparency.
Do you think Cary 05 will bring these qualities?
At first other reference famous top preamp brought most of these sound upgrades but lost the musicallity and also seemed bass boosted kinda loundness. The other parts of the system "hear" all the differences so this part of the chain (preamp) is crucial.

So the question is can slp 05 deliver this over the slp 98?
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I owned both pieces in my system and I could tell you that the 05 is definitely a step up from the 98 especially in term of more slam and dynamic swings. So see if you could borrow one from your dealer for a true comparision in your system.
thanks Nickt but I expect for double the price more steps in slam, dynamic range and transparency.
Difficult to borrow for comparison.
Nickt I saw you had Bat and First sound preamps could you describe the differences with Cary 05?
and what is your current preamp?
Personally I found the Joule Electra LA-100 MkIII to be a significant step up from the SLP-98 which I also owned and was able to do a side to side comparison. The Joule will cost you less than the SLP-05 as well.