Fozgometer Connection

Some have asked me how to connect to Fozgometer in an all balanced Ayre system....I use the tape out of the preamp RCA to the Foz via Nordost Blue Heaven RCA
I run my Foz direct from the tonearm connections (JMW 10.5i). Are your tonearm outputs balanced too? If so I'd go with XLR/RCA adapters rather than take the output from a phonostage or preamp. Just my take.
I have an all Ayre system and are running everything balanced, including the tonearm with XLR connections everywhere. Sure you can use adapters, however, it was very easy for me to take the signal from the tape out (RCA) on the preamp.
Stringreen, I tried your way (from tape outs on the preamp direct to the Foz) and it seems to work but doesn't put the Foz' needle into a range where it's simple to see any left/right deviation. Guess I'll have to up the gain on the preamp to make that happen. But it does work.
Dopogue....gee it worked perfectly with my preamp. The tape outputs are not affected by the volume control, tone controls, etc. It seemed like the perfect place to give the Foz the signal.
Stringreen,the difference may be in your use of balanced (XLR) cables, where the output tends to be substantially higher than with unbalanced RCAs (which I'm kinda forced to use). I tried upping the phonostage gain but the needle never goes above "8" on the Foz' meter when I take the signal from the tape outputs on my Aesthetix Calypso.