For the Primaluna amp owners ....

Are you using triode mode? What differences do you notice (please mention what tubes you are using)? Do you switch modes depending on music? Does anyone just leave it in triode mode and not look back? I'm curious if anyone is running the KT-150's in triode and what you think of the sound?

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Hi - for me, it is really up to the recording you happen to be listening to at the time.  Since you can switch back and forth between the two modes at the touch of a button, you can decide for each recording which mode you think it sounds best in.  I haven't found a really regular pattern.  Generally speaking, in a recording with a vocal soloist, the soloist will usually sound better in the triode mode, but again, this can be recording dependent.  

Another thing to note is that it is not a true triode - the tubes are still pentode tubes, being made to operate as if they were triodes.  So it will not sound exactly the same as a true triode amp.  It is fun to play with the two different modes, though.  
Thank you for your response. Very helpful.
Ditto learsfool but I've only tried triode once and I liked what I heard.  However it's been my experience that in triode the bass impact isn't as great but the midrange is so very sweet :) 
I find that when I use triode that I loose some upper mid-range energy. Works quite well for CD recordings that have a bit too much energy in those frequencies, but for the most part I find I prefer pentode. 
Thank you for your replies, so how does everyone like/love their amps?
I really like mine a lot. Now I just want to find the right tube combo.  I inserted some EH KT90 in tonight and while they are decent tubes they are not cutting it overall. Nice sounding and very smooth but overall not dynamic enough. They do sound good in my Rogue Tempest II which I will be selling soon with the KT90 in it. I was curious as to how they would sound in the PL. I am going to insert the KT120 once more before making my final choice to keep or sell the 120's. I also listened in Ultralinear and Triode and overall preferred Ultra. However, with some music triode sounds best.