Follow-up to my question some weeks ago about an amp for Dynaudio Contour 20s

I ordered a PrimaLuna Dialogue HP amp to try for 30 days.  I've run it now for 12 days, probably over 100 hours.  The manual states that the large tubes take about 50 hours to burn in, and the small tubes about 200.  My plan was to remove it and reconnect my McIntosh MC152 and do a critical listen, but now I don't regard that as necessary; the PrimaLuna is absolutely magnificent, and I'm keeping it.
Cool. Nice to know. Thanks for the followup.
I agree! PL Dialogue HP premium is an astonishing component that makes real music. 

I frankly wasn't convinced by all the hoopla, but now I'm a firm believer!  And now I'm very pleased with the speakers, which I hadn't been completely before.
I believe I recall that thread, system synergy is a real thing.  Dyns need proper current capability and a lot of the modern SS amps actually do not provide that, I learned the hard way pairing Dyns and a Peachtree Decco (50 wpc) which sounded very congested.