Focal Micro Utopia + REL or 1028be II ?


I have to chose from those:

Focal Micro Utopia Be (incl original SMU stands) + REL R-528
Focal Electra 1028be II (can link the REL as well)

The Micro Utopia used to be (or still is) one of the best stand-mount speakers, with the first generation of the Beryllium tweeter, but the 1028 has the second generation of the Be tweeter + of the floor-standing speakers advantages.

What would you choose ?
Well I have the original Micro's not the Be's and I have to say I absolutely love them even without a sub in my small condo. They are fairly easy to drive, I am running 17 pp tube watts, they are detailed but not bright and very well balanced. Bass output is excellent considering their size and certainly sufficient for my needs. Now obviously ymmv and the Be's are surely somewhat different. I certainly think that any speaker in the Utopia line with have advantages over a speaker in the Electra line, regardless of generation and tweeter. Good luck it sounds like you are on a good path, care to share your plans for amplification?
IMO if only the two,1028B.Adding the rel if needed.I was never a fan of the micro,too sterile for me.
The 'sterile' probably because of the bass extension, I dont think the Micro will be sterile with REL (that I already have, next to my current 816v + Peachtree Audio Nova).

Have you heard any Focal Utopia besides the Micro? Maybe you call them 'sterile' because the Utopia line is more... 'conservative' and mature than the Electra.

The thing is that in my case, The Micro is fairly cheaper than the 1028be II...
Kipikipod, your comment "Utopia line is more... 'conservative' and mature than the Electra" is certainly correct. Jond too made a similar remarked, and this is also my experience with Older Utopia models vs. newer Electra models. I would look at Alto Be instead of 1028Be.

Regarding monitors + sub vs. floor-standers, the most important issue is the size of your room. Monitors + a sub are much easier to integrate in a smaller room. They may still not be able to play as loud as some floor-standers but they will play much better and fuller at lower levels.

I have the Micro Be paired with a REL Stentor 3 sub and I find the combination wonderful.

Finally, in response to Missioncoonery's remark, like any other speaker, the MicroBes can certainly sound sterile when paired with the wrong electronics (e.g. a Bryston pre-power combo) but with such a combination the Electra models will sound even worse than the Utopia speakers.
I had the Mini Utopias used with and without my pair of Stadium subs. They were excellent speakers but I have a preference for soft dome tweeters. If you can find a pair they would be an excellent choice in the Focal range.
I agree with Stanwal. I’m the original owner of Mini Utopias so I’ve had them for quite a while. The whole original Utopia line is nicely balanced and a terrific value at the prices I commonly see them being offered. They’re also the best line for pairing with tubes, IMO. If foremost, you’re a music lover, I doubt you would be sorry. Also, they'll reward the use of quality upstream components.
I just LOVE the Be tweeters.
I've heard Nova Utopia, Diablo Utopia, 1038be, and even Paradigm Signature S8... This tweeter is a masterpiece.

Thanks guys.
Bought the Micro Utopia Be.
Congratulations Kipikipod! I’m sure you’re going to enjoy the hell out of them.
Kipikipod, congratulation for the new speakers. You did very good (IMO)!

Which amp/cd-player are you using?
Thanks very much guys.

My current set-up:
Peachtree Audio Nova (+ Siemens CCA tube @ pre) - Going to change when I'll have a decent budget, I know its worth like the SMU stands of my new Focal's :x
As transport I'm using M2TECH EVO Hiface+EVO Power Supply+EVO DAC + HTPC - When you get used to a PC there's no turning back...