USB microphone setup to measure room for PC or Chromebook (non Apple user)

Hello, I thought I would ask the folks here that used modern USB mics and software to measure and improve their listening rooms what microphones and software they have used.

I'd like to do this to better understand my roonm response, and see where there may be bass nodes and so on so forth to try to improve.

There have been mentions of this being a good investment for not alot of money.  I hope people who have done this and have experience will share what equipment and software they use.  Cost effective stuff, please!

For example do I need a 'calibrated mic', or will an ordinary USB mic for gaming etc $25 off Amazon, do the trick?  And what software to see the frequency plot?  I am a PC user, or Chromebook.  Not an Apple guy, sorry.


You need a calibrated microphone, along with appropriate software.

Room EQ Wizard will work with any calibrated microphone like this one.  Youc an also buy OmniMic from Parts Express which is a mic/software bundle.

Most use REW and a Umik-1.  Be aware that Umik-1 is $50 cheaper if you buy from miniDSP instead of Amazon! Apparently Amazon has it on Prime delivery:

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How does UMIK-2 do a better job than the others mentioned?

If I could use a mic that has traditional XLR output (not USB), is there an adapter or something like that that would allow its output to be plugged into a computer running the measurement program?

Something like this :


@troidelover1499, Sweetwater does have adapters for  xlr > usb with phantom power but is an additional cost ...  $35 for the ECM8000 is the lowest I think I have seen.

Making the interface work in windows environment can be a pain though.

A straight up USB Mic should work better for measurement.

I own the ECM8000 and an interface.

Umik 2 is 192 / 32 and more expense.