Flexible/Compliant Speaker Cables

I have a pair of Aerial Acoustics 6Ts with 8' Transparent Super G5 cables.

From a SQ standpoint I'm not into cables per se and these cables plus an older generation of Transparent Super Bi-Wire cables on my Aerial Acoustics 7Bs are the only cables I have experience with.

My problem with the cables for the 6Ts is that they are super stiff and non-compliant. This makes attaching them quite difficult. The spade forks often pop off of the speaker terminal when I move the speaker even a small amount and they put leverage on the amp terminals just because of the weight and stiffness of the cable. I really don't like them for this reason. I'm also considering getting a small footprint amp or integrated to drive them at some point and just feel these will be too big and stiff for a small amp.

So my question is: Does anyone make roughly similar quality, smaller speaker cables with some flex in them that I could afford with the money I get by selling the Transparents? Or is this level of stiffness just an unavoidable product of large gauge cable?

Duelund DCA12GA hookup wire sounds great, flexible, not expensive.

$16/meter, and you'd need 10 meters (2.5m x 4 runs)

I use the 16GA speaker wire with some amps and I love it.
Plenty of flexible cables made. Call the Cable Co. they can help. The other cables mentioned here so far are not at the same level as your Transparents.