Flexible/Compliant Speaker Cables

I have a pair of Aerial Acoustics 6Ts with 8' Transparent Super G5 cables.

From a SQ standpoint I'm not into cables per se and these cables plus an older generation of Transparent Super Bi-Wire cables on my Aerial Acoustics 7Bs are the only cables I have experience with.

My problem with the cables for the 6Ts is that they are super stiff and non-compliant. This makes attaching them quite difficult. The spade forks often pop off of the speaker terminal when I move the speaker even a small amount and they put leverage on the amp terminals just because of the weight and stiffness of the cable. I really don't like them for this reason. I'm also considering getting a small footprint amp or integrated to drive them at some point and just feel these will be too big and stiff for a small amp.

So my question is: Does anyone make roughly similar quality, smaller speaker cables with some flex in them that I could afford with the money I get by selling the Transparents? Or is this level of stiffness just an unavoidable product of large gauge cable?

Duelund DCA12GA hookup wire sounds great, flexible, not expensive.

$16/meter, and you'd need 10 meters (2.5m x 4 runs)

I use the 16GA speaker wire with some amps and I love it.
Plenty of flexible cables made. Call the Cable Co. they can help. The other cables mentioned here so far are not at the same level as your Transparents.
Thanks guys. The cables don't have to be exactly on par with the Tranpsarents but it would be nice if they were close.

I've done some looking but find it all confusing. Not sure how to compare other than price.
Audience AU24 cables are light, flexible and very good.  They often come up for sale on the used market.  I only have experience with the original models, but there have been many upgrades/changes since then.  IMO, they are a very safe bet if you have to buy without audition. 
I'll look into those. I will have to do this without audition but that is okay since this system is not my primary and is mostly for casual listening. In fact, most of it will be Amazon Music via Sonos Connect. So quality is important in this application but not critical.
Look into Audio Envy SP9 speaker cables, very light weight and flexible. And they are remarkably transparent and detailed without being forward. 

For true audiophile performance, the cables MUST match!!

I use the same cable from cartridge to speaker. Interfacing different sized cables causes serious sound degradation!!

I use multi-strand 32 AWG from cartridge to phono pre, same to amplifier. Same 32 AWG from amp to speakers!

Thats why my system is truly AUDIOPHILE!!
Update: Here is what I did. I purchased Canare 4s11 cable from Blue Jean cable. I bought their locking banana plugs for one end of each cable. The amp I have has its own banana plug units for the other ends.

I bought black Tech-Flex and black rubber cable pants and made my own cables.

To be honest, I cannot tell much SQ  difference between these and the Transparents.....or even the 12ga low oxygen standard wire from Monoprice.

But, I really like the Canare 4S11s. They seem to be very well made. Very robust. They look great the way I put them together for whatever that is worth. They are round in profile so the Tech-Flex goes on easily and looks great. The cable is gray so it gives a slightly silver appearance through the black Tech-Flex. They are very flexible and easy to deal with behind speakers and components.
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I will also recommend any of the Audience AU24 SE or SX and or Front Row ( if you dare).  Exceptionally easy to work with and great balance, detail, dynamics, and soundstaging.  Absolutely incredible sound with extremely easy to use, flexible cable.