Ferrite Clamps for AC power cords?

I was wondering how many audiogoners use ferrite beads or clamps on their AC power cords. Did you experiment with locations, ie. near the AC outlet end or near the component AC cord side?
They really screw-up the upper mids and highs. In my opinion what makes a good cable is: 1. Good connectors on both the AC plug side and IEC 2. Proper assembly 3. Adequet cable gauge with good shielding Also upgrade your outlets with a good Pass & Seymour 5242 or 5252 Spec grade outlet. You don't need to spend a lot of money. The Pass & Seymour outlets are less than $10.00 and the cable I would recommend is less than $50.00.
I have had very good luck with ferrites here in New York city where there is tons of RF. I place them one by one, because they can screw up the sound if put in a place not necessary. WHat I tend to hear is the entire system quieting down. I literally have to turn the volume up after placing them. The systems seems to sound a little dull at first. Instruments are bigger and splashier with harmonics and rf on the line. With the firrites, the instruments become smaller, more focused, purer with seeminglyu less high end, until you hear something that's tryuly in the treble range range, then you realy hear it bloom in it's own acoustic envelope. My spectral dma 50 amp sounded unimpressive with a new speaker I installed. Once I realized the ferrite was out and out them back in, the magic was back, and not in a euphonic way.
Ferrite clamps are cheap (I picked up a bunch of them off the 'net for $2 each). Like any other tweak, experimentation pays off, start at the input of your wires, and add on as required. Should you find the clamps are not for you, the money lost is negligible
Out of curiosity, are you guys ( and girls ) running the ferrites at the wall end or component end of the power cord ? Have you noticed a difference doing it either way ? Sean >