Ferrite core upgrades?

Is this possible, worthwhile for a Lexicon Rt-20 or other good quality CD/SACD player?
Did you ever notice the number of components and appliances in your house whose power cords have Ferrite cores attached to them

Micro Waves .. Computers .. cable boxes and flat screen ... yada yada yada

Do you think those mfgers wanted to spend the extra money on those ferrite cores “just” to enhance and improve their appliance’s performance ... “I don’t think so”

“I don’t think so” ... my best imitation as spoken by Silva in the movie Skyfall

Those cores are strapped on because the appliance could not comply with FCC guidelines for EMI emission .. so they slapped a ferrite core on the power cord to reduce it’s broadcast emissions and this reduces the power cord’s emission to acceptable levels meeting guide lines

The ferrite absorbs part of the wave in an attempt to capture the RF and then turns it into heat dissipating the RF .. to my ears it captures a little to much and reaches down a little to low robbing the music of it’s soul

I have enjoyed better sound since inserting RFI/EMI blocking Flying Saucers (from Machina Dynamica) into unused AC wall outlets in the listening rooms, as well as elsewhere in house.
Very low cost way to upgrade entire systems without touching or modifying individual component power cords with ferrite cores.
The lighthearted name given to these devices does not prepare one for the serious audible benefits gained by their use.
I've put ferrite choke cores that I got from Radioshack on my turntable power cords and on some DH Labs speaker wires once. I didn't hear any difference with the ferrite cores on the speaker wires. The choke cores helped with my turntables though as I have too much gear near each other. I never tried Ferrite cores on my CD or SACD players though. Never felt the need too.