Favorite 'Best o/f" recordings!

Billie Holiday - Love Songs
Chet Baker - Chet Baker Sings
Big Joe Turner - Greatest Hits
Lune- Luna Live

Muddy Waters..."folk singer" album
Nikhil Banerjee...
Ostad Elahi...
Chet Baker...And his twin brother Bill Evans...
Chopin "mazurkas" especially...
Monteverdi 8th book of madrigals...

A couple of great compilations:

Best of the Blue Note vol. 1


Best of the Blue Note vol. 2

Hellhound on my Trail - Songs of Robert Johnson
a compilation
Columbia House Radio Hour - Volume 1
a compilation
I found the double Steely Dan Gold album to have really good sound and it's a good selection of their best tunes as well...
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