Fake Audioquest Sky Cables

Recently i have bought 2 sets of Audioquest Sky cables from 2 different Senior Audiogon members and have sent them to audioquest for verification and found that both are fakes. I have contacted the members and got my money back . But the thing is the senior members never knew that they are fake as they got them from other sellers. From then i moved to Anticables and i have only 1 set or Audioquest sky which i have purchased from the dealer. I am posting this so that other audiogoners are aware of the fake cables .
It seems that AQ cables are the most common brand for counterfeits from China. I too asked for verification from a AQ rep and mine were authentic.
I had noticed these being sold on eBay and had wondered if they were fake. They were selling a new pair for half of what a new pair sells on here for. I was thinking a business minded person could make some money this way. I had emailed Audioquest and they were very vague about them being fake. I was thinking maybe they sold a big lot of their cables to someone for a great deal and they could offer a low price on them. Good to know they are not the real deal. I had almost bought a set of the interconnects before.
Why did you suspect they were fake they led to your asking Audiiquest?
I saw a number of AQ Sky Interconnects and CV8 speaker cables in Shenzhen when I was there about two years ago. It was selling for about $100 bucks for a 1.5m pair and 2.5m pair respectively.

I thought they seemed pricey for a counterfeit. How much do the real thing go for?
I know there are many fake cables floating around and wanted to verify if I had bought real cables. My sellers are cery senior members and they used these cables without suspecting them. But I see no difference in quality between a fake and genuine cables. Believe me.
cv8 speaker cable imported from China....US $215.79

CV-8 Speaker Cable Pair 8ft.(2.5m) $499.75 at Amazon

I have learned that AQ cables are made in China, so I don't know what to think anymore. Some of the Chinese dealers may be selling the real stuff.
I have bought 1M XLR for $2200
A friend of mine bought some of the fake XLR for his car system and he said that the fakes ones don't solder the shielding cable. So even if they were made in the same factory, it may not have passed QC. He ended up buying long reels to and do his own soldering.
This is nuts and totally a bummer for the guy who goes a retailer and pays close to full price when another guy can buy a pair from china for 1/5th the price. Audioquest should not let this happen. I won't be buying any Audioquest cables anytime soon.
I switched from audioquest to anticables and found anti cables much better. Audio quest is fraud. There is no difference in quality between original cable and fake ones. and with 1/20 the price i am very happy with anticables. I will never buy from AQ again in my life.