Exposed metal on cable ends


I'm wiring up a system (actually two) in what I hope will be the permanent home. There are *lots* of cables (multiple sources, each with Ys going to two preamps, etc.).

Anyway, I'm struck by the fact that some of the interconnects I'm using have large metal barrels at the end, and I'm trying hard to make sure these don't touch each other when it's all done.

Or does it not matter? If these are the shield connections, is it OK for some of the shields to touch?


I think they are all connected to the chassis anyway
Yes it's OK for them to touch; each pair is grounded at the equipment they're plugged into.
What is said above is not necessarily true. Many chasses are not grounded to the ground of the interconnects, but the interconnect grounds (left and right) are always connected together together. Therefore, these early posts are correct.