What do you think is the best sounding metal album

What do you think is the best sounding metal album? Post as many as you wish!
The AC/DC original Albert masters are very good. I have both Australian pressings and WEA Canada and they are all good.
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YES - is pretty good...."Owner of a Lonely Heart". I agree with AC/DC. Metallica is awful compressed noise. Rush 2112 is not bad too as are Led Zep.
None of the responses so far even come close to "Metal". Try Testament The Gathering, Overkill The Years of Decay, Iron Maiden Brave New World, Judas Priest Sin After Sin, Screaming for Vengance, Scorpions World Wide Live, Tool Antything they have ever released. All on vinyl of course. The digitials are not bad but the wax rules. Listening to Ratt's Best OF 81 to 91 right now. Not all of us audio snobs have our heads up Diana Kralls backside although that Might be fun too.
"Not all of us audio snobs have our heads up Diana Kralls backside"


that might be tough to do some are pretty far up there...LOL...

Savatage- Sirens
Warlock-Burning the Witches
Dokken-Back for the Attack
Pantera-Cemetary Gates

Nice to see another metal fan on the gon!!
Megadeth - United Abominations. In fact, most of the Megadeth remasters are very good.
Hey metalheads, Skinny Puppy's The Process
might just blow all these outta the water.
check it out.
Industrial will never blow away The Priest!!!!! The Maiden!!! never happen...
Surprised no votes for Dream Theater yet. AC/DC is good as well.
Let's not forget an ultimate metal classic, Black Sabbath's Paranoid

Jorgeparrapuppgy - Love SP, saw the last two tours. Greater Wrong of the Right is oustanding though personally listen to more of the older material.
Another vote for Puppy here; industrial emerged out of the metal backwater and Puppy invented it (nods also to Einsterzende Neubaten) Also saw them for Last Rights and Greater Wrong.. tours.

But also:

Tool - any recording
Type O Negative - October Rust
Agalloch - any
Tiamat - Skeleton Skeletron
Moonspell - any
Theatre of Tragedy - Aegis
Black Sabbath - Sabotage (especially remastered on vinyl)
why has no one stated metallica's s&m? I know it is the beginning of the sold out stage but man the symphony just adds to the sheer power of the band. if you count screaming trees as metal then dust is a killer album
Try some of the remastered Deep Purple albums such as In Rock and Fireball..and if you have SACD, the Live in London release is spooky real....Gillan is practically dancing between your speakers.
Alice in Chains, Dream Theater, King Diamond, Prymus, Megadeth all have made some great souding albums.
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Sabbath on castle commuications...first four
Black Label Society- The Blessed Hellride and Hangover Music

Pantera- Cowboys from hell

the new lacuna coil and anything by the band riverside is excellent. they both fall on the prog metal side but they rock.
obituary-cause of death
nuclear assualt-handle with care
overkill-the years of decay

my three favorites

Prong - Cleansing
Into Another - Ignaurus
Tool - Aenima

this is a trick question, right ;~)
Metalica, AC/DC are bands that I have listened to while sucking milk from Mothers' breasts. And I couldn't care less what the quality was like. Later, Pantera ruled.
I really love the last Iron Maiden album (A Matter of Life & Death), it has a great punchy sound - it's no small feat that my 2xLP sounds great even though it's pressed on picture disc.

The band decided against mastering it, and I think it paid off for them.
Black Sabbath, Masters of Reality is actually pretty well recorded album, but IMHO it sounds better a little rough through a lousy radio than it does through a high-end system. I mean, c'mon... Its Black Sabbath!