Experiences blending Naim preamp with other amps

I wonder how do Naim preamp sections blend with other company amps. I am thinking about taking the Naim plunge, but I would like first try a lowly integrated and see how it holds up in comparison to other company gear's....for it might seem to be too wasteful to get rid of everything other amplifier section I have, as well as two full fledged preamps. How are Naim pre's in contrast to other company preamp's. Good detailed experiences welcome.
I've used both the Naim NAC 72 and 82 preamps with a variety of Naim and other brand equipment. The Naim preamps are by far some of the most musical, versatile preamps made. The 82 is a dream to listen to with either tube or solid-state amps. Two things to keep in mind when purchasing Naim preamps:

1. If you don't use a Naim amp, or if you want top performance from the pre, you need an external power supply - either one or two HiCaps, or a SuperCap.
2. Naim cables use DIN connectors at the preamp end, so you will probably have to buy some new cables as well. They are readily available on eBay and Audiogon for less than list, and I strongly recommend that you use cables made by The Chord Company, since not only are they Naim's preferred OE supplier, but they sound great as well.

Naim equipment is not cheap by any means, but it is very well made, very well supported in the US, and retains a high resale value if you choose to upgrade later. Although I've swapped amps and digital gear like socks, two constants always remain: My Naim preamp and my Linn LP-12 turntable. They both offer musicality beyond expectations, and will always be a part of my system. If you have any specific questions about interfacing Naim equipment with any other brands, please e-mail me off-list & I'll help if I can.

Happy Listening!
It's usual practice not to mix Naim pres and power amps with other gear. This isn't only due to the way that their power supplies and cables are configured, but all sorts of other EE reasons like impedance matching blah blah blah. I've run a hybrid system in the past (only cd player and speakers weren't Naim) and in the end I too gave in and converted all the way.

Try anything from the Nait line if you want a low-cost entry into the line without breaking the bank. You can also use any Nait as a preamp if you do decide to take the plunge and start upgrading the system.

You'll probably find these sites informative:


There are also the Naim forums, but watch out for pretentious middle-aged farts and their rather lofty opinions (and budgets)