Musical Fidelity Tuner and Other Qs such as DVD


This is not strictly an Amps/Preamps question, but it was either this or the "Misc" category. It's a multi-part question, and some questions are a bit naive, so please indulge me:

BACKGROUND: I have a Musical Fidelity X-ray, X-10 V3, and X-150 driving JM labs Chorus speakers; MF components fed by Shunyata Hydra-4 plus 20A Shunyata Copperhead. This is the type of system one is constrained to in an apartment in New York City (unless you earn a gazillion dollars a year, which I don't!). Sound is good, warm and wide, but a bit bass-heavy and mid-range mushy; I am changing interconnects from $100 synergistic alphas to Nordstrom Red Dawn. Anyway, here's the Qs:


1. Does the MF X-PSU confer any additional advantage in driving the X-10 V3 over the power supply (fed, in my case, by the Shunyata) that which comes with the X-10? I have no solid info on what the X-PSU is or does.

2. Does anyone know if MF is going to produce a tuner to complement the current X series? I would really like a decent FM tuner, but don't know where to start. MF remote control is "tuner-ready", but where's the tuner?

3. Ultimately, would also like to run audio from a DVD player (for movies) through the X-150. Here's where we drift further from Qs about MF. Anyone have recommendations for DVD players in the $300-500 range? Looking for something to feed a good quality 40-50 inch HDTV monitor (e.g., Aquos) through HDMI. Zero experience with flat screen HDTVs, and technology/prices seem to change daily. Any and all tips welcome. Thanks :)

Thank you in advance,

I've contacted Musical Fidelity directly about the tuner.

You don't semm 100% on the sound of the X series. Would you put this down to the speakers or to the electronics??

Thanks. I recently picked up a Magnum Dynalab MD-100 at a good price, and it works splendidly. So, for now, I'm not pursuing the MF tuner; but I'm still very interested to know if there will be one!

Side note here - I bought another X-10 v3 to run the tuner through... When I got the tuner, I was still waiting for Red Dawn interconnects (and still am), so the quickest way to test the tuner was to switch the interconnects from X-Ray to tuner; and the X-10 V3 was already in the path. Subsequently tried it +/- X-10, and the conclusion was ... whoa! I need another X-10 to process the tuner signal (cheaper than getting the MD tube upgrade for the MD-100)

I did pick up a X-PSU to drive the X-10 (big improvement), and an X-DAC to run the X-ray through (that was not the original purpose for the X-DAC, but that's what it will be doing) - also an improvement.

As for the Q of the X series not being 100%... dunno yet. I am beginning to think it's the speakers. I am on a budget here, and I auditioned a bunch of speakers with a dealer. The JM Labs were very impressive for their price (I listened to speakers at twice the price that sounded awful), but as things continue, they seem to be very bass heavy. I'm tentatively considering moving from the X-150 to the X-Pre and X-power setup, or maybe move to a Musical Fidelity KW amp. I really like the MF sound. Anyway, have some way to go when the Red Dawns arrive, and will have no money to make big changes like new speakers or amp for some time.

I can answer two questions. MF produced a matching X-tuner, the X-Plora:

As for the X-Psu, I've bought one for the X-Pre, and it made a big difference (improvement) to the sound. Since it has 4 outputs, you can power multiple X-items (excluding powerhungry items such as the poweramps offcourse), so it seem like a good buy IMHO.
And as for the sound of the X-pre: I really like it, and bij changing the standard Philips tubes, you can easily alter the sound to your taste. Bear in mind though that it is a minimalist design, having only four inputs.
John.Ladd -
Update on system - just replaced the CD-to-X-10 and X-10-to-Amp interconnects with Red Dawn. That helps a lot. Still a bit bass heavy, but the whole thing has opened up much more; a definite improvement. Red Dawns are not burned in yet, so will have to see how thing change over time.


Thanks. Yes, I had seen the X-plora, but it presumably belongs with the earlier X series. I was wondering if MF was making a new tuner along the same lines as the current X v3 components. A bit moot now, as I've picked up a Magnum Dynalab.

Do you use the standard 12V output cables to link the X-PSU to the other components? That's what I'm using as I don't want to spring $140 to $170 (each) for the Revelation Audio cables. Asked Frank at SignalCable if they have plans to make a suitable cable; he says they're looking into it.

Wow, a Magnum Dynalab..... never heard one, but it seems to be amazing.
Anyway, I bought the X-PSU secondhand, and it came with 3 instead of the 4 cables suplied originally, but since I bought it for 70 dollar including the costs of sending it, I don't complain. And yes, I use these standard cables, considering it's much thicker than the cable from the original adaptor, and considering the amount of juice it transports (12 V, max. 400 mA). To me, spending more on a low voltage cable seems like overkill. You can always experiment by buying two standard connectors and some cable and make your own, but I would be very surprised if it changed the sound at all.
And you may not like to hear this, but I definitly don't like the X10-D. To my ears, it only added distortion, slowed the sound down, made the bass sound flabby and killed the stereo image. So I would improve your system by ripping out the X-10-D, but if it sounds good to your ears, keep it. You might wanna experiment with different tubes though, because the standard Philips tubes aren't the most musical around. Good luck, let me know your experiences!
I'm using the X-10 V3 - different tubes to the older X-10 - and I like what the X-10 does in my system.