Experience with Sensitive Sound MC cartridges

Would anyone please share their experience with any of the Sensitive Sound MC cartridges from Russia? It's imported by Solypsa Audio in Seattle. I got curious after reading a review of the ART Majestic. It's a relatively new brand; hoping anyone reading has tried it. Thank you. 
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@chakster Just to clarify a point from your post: The meteorite material referenced  is not stone, it is metal, and used in the generator not the body. Its easy to research these metals. Also basically all high end cartridges are made by an 'enthusiast' so that is a dubious point of contention. Even the big Japanese names are each built by one, or maybe a few artisans...
@chakster My impression is that Sensitive Sound is a serious company. If you like, you can explore local Russian makes for us, such as Sensitive Sound and NewArtVinyl mentioned by Elliott. 
@mijostyn Given you have the funds, would you like to try it yourself? Then you can share your experience. When it comes to cartridges, the more the merrier. I am seriously considering getting one. 
It is fairly obvvious but just to mention:
The Splash/Art series are an easy match to most modern tonearms in terms of weight and compliance, however the two 'large frame' models ( Y12 and T8) really need a higher mass arm. Roman does use/ like the SME 3012 for these but it should be noted he uses the 1950's 3012 series 1, which is higher effective mass as compared to later variants.