Experience with Sensitive Sound MC cartridges

Would anyone please share their experience with any of the Sensitive Sound MC cartridges from Russia? It's imported by Solypsa Audio in Seattle. I got curious after reading a review of the ART Majestic. It's a relatively new brand; hoping anyone reading has tried it. Thank you. 

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@chakster My impression is that Sensitive Sound is a serious company. If you like, you can explore local Russian makes for us, such as Sensitive Sound and NewArtVinyl mentioned by Elliott. 
@elliottbnewcombjr I did write to Solypsa already. I gave Erik my system particulars and he did not mention any incompatibility in his reply. I plan to mount the Sensitive Sound cartridge on a Jelco TK-950S which is I think a potential good match. I read somewhere that Mr Roman Lebedev, the cartridge designer has a particular affinity for the SME 3012, which he uses to test his cartridges I assume, and the Jelco 950 has the same topology. One thing I like with Sensitive Sound is that all its styli are of a fine profile, namely the Shibata III, Ogura Micro Line, and Micro Ridge. No use of aluminum cantilever either. That means even if I get the entry-level Splash, I could expect a good performance. I haven't decided which to get (probably I'll get the ART Dark), and I was just wondering if anyone has heard any of these cartridges. I'm using an HW-19 MKIII TT and a c-j EF-1 phono stage. 
@mijostyn Given you have the funds, would you like to try it yourself? Then you can share your experience. When it comes to cartridges, the more the merrier. I am seriously considering getting one. 
@chakster The reason I want to try is that I would never know if I didn't. It's part of our hobby. With all due respect, not to try a new company because there are well-known companies around does not make much sense. Imagine if people never tried Benz Micro carts when Ernest Benz first introduced them at a time when vinyl was on a decline. Why did people bother buying Hana when they came out when there's Audio-Technica? What would happen to small outfits like Soundsmith? 

In reality, I dare say, every cartridge is a "copy" of the other. Cartridge technology is pretty much set. Designers simply tune their products by choice of materials and design tweaks or little innovations. Good products could come out of Russia, I think it's fair to say, just as there are good products out of China. 

To answer your question at the end of your last post, I'm planning to mount the Sensitive Sound cartridge on a Jelco TK-950S tonearm on a VPI HW-19 with ADS power supply. Rest of the system (not including digital components): c-j EF-1 phono stage, c-j PF-R or PV-10AL preamp (I switch between the two), c-j MF-2100 power amp, KEF Model 105 (restored, not modified). Cables by Morrow Audio. (I also have other systems by the way.)

Aside from the VPI, I also have the Technics SL-150MK2 with SME Series III tonearm and the STD 305 turntable with SME 3009 S2 Improved. Yes, I have other cartridges at present: Shure V15 Type IV with original MR stylus, V15 Type III with JICO SAS/B, Technics EPC-205C MK3, Stanton 681EEE with JICO Shibata, Ortofon MC-1 Turbo (the least among the group), Hana SL, Benz Micro MC-1 and Wood SM. I use the TK-950S for the Hana and the Benz carts. 

This thread started with me soliciting for others' experiences of the Sensitive Sound cartridges, because I got curious after reading a review and would like to get one. Thank you for your posts. However, we have shifted to another direction here which does not really help the main question. Quoting Jeremy Clarkson, I would say, "And with that terrible disappointment, it's time to end."