cartridges/styli--what's a good choice?

I have been using Ortofon cartridges for home use and inexpensive Stanton for radio show use and have been very pleased with the sound. Also, I like a cartridge wherein I may replace the stylus, rather than the cartridge. For home use, are some Stantons better than others. What's with the $1,000.00 cartridges? I listen to a lot of 50s records. Open to any suggestions. Thanks for your help. 50svinyl
Which ortofon do you have? Many of them 5,10,20 will take an upgraded stylus. Personally, I like Goldring better for the money.
The new Ortofon series, Red, Blue, Bronze and Black have gotten some good reviews and many favorable comments on the audiophile bulletin boards. They all have replaceable stylii.