Experience with Monarchy Audio DIP

Just wonder if anyone has experience/owned either a Monarchy DIP (Digital Interface Processor) Classic or Combo and got significant improvement in the sound. First I thought adding another box between the source and a DAC would be a none-sense but wow, I was wrong. For my curiosity, I borrowed a DIP Classic from a friend and put it between my HK CD player/Apple TV and my tube Cal S`igma tube DAC. I immediately heard a noticeable improvement. Things seemed livelier. More seriously listening revealed that the bass was tighter and the highs had a bit more air. Imaging was more precise, clearer notes on instruments and vocal was more solid.

Hope that other people hear the same things I heard. I want to order one but still not sure if I should go for the DIP Classic or Combo. The Combo also converts up to 96Khz but I dont know if I really need that and the DIP Classic is on sale for $240. Can any DIP Combo owners share their thoughts?
Ive bought the Classic twice,it depends on the application ,as to how well it works.I used it with couple diff. players,transport and a BelCanto DAC 1 and 2 and it worked very well.Not any improvment when I used it with my Imac,Audirvana,V-Link,Bel Canto DAC2.If you used the Classic and liked it,and its on sale! Good luck,Ray
Depends on how jittery the source is (Vlink has low jitter) and how sensitive to jitter your DAC is. Almost all older DACs can benefit from DIP or Genesis Digital Lens.
I used a Classic for a short time and did not care for it.In my system it sounded clinical, not musical at all.Either bad synergy or just personal taste.Don't have any experience with the Combo.
I have a dip classic I used for about a year while I still had a Cdp. It made a good improvement but I now use a mac mini with a M2tech Evo so no longer need it. If you are interested I could let it go for a low price, I just don't need it anymore.
Thank you all for sharing your experiences. I already ordered one.