Experience with Coda Model 10

Any one have experience with the the Coda Model 10. I am considering this piece but don't know anything about it. I currently have an Adcom GFA 6000.
I had a Model 10, great amp, wonderful build quality, very similar to Threshold as developed by ex Threshold designer. Smooth, quiet and powerful sound, don't let the smaller size fool you. I only sold mine to upgrade to an all Pass Labs system. The Coda runs under 10 watts in class A, so it gets warm. I really liked the standby switch, go for it! PS: I have some paperwork, including a review, that I would be happy to scan and email to you.
Somewhat warm and dark sounding, but with good speed and dynamics IMHO.
Thanks Dill and Jmlm for the responses. I think I will have a listen to it as soon as I get a chance. The asking price is $850, is that worth it. by the way I will be using it with a Primare 31.7 Pre and KEF Reference Model 2 Speakers. Any additional input on the system would be appreciated.
Dill, regarding that review I would love it.

Thanks again.
I owned a Model 10 about 15 years ago, very nice amp as I recall. Slightly rolled off up top, stong, punchy bass and warm midrange. $850 seems like a good price, though to be honest, if I were looking for an amp in this price range I'd look for a Forte 4a. Granted it's only half the power of the Model 10 (50 wpc vs. 100 wpc). If you don't need the power, the Forte sounds better, IMHO, and will cost you less.

John, my KEF Model 2's are power hungry speakers. Although I may have an opportunity to get some Martin Logan SL3's for $1500. I'll have to make a choice on which one to get. Any suggestions are welcome.
The model 10 should work fine with SL3's. I'll scan you that review & some other info I have on the Model 10. Send me your email address via private email.