1.)  Chris Whitley.  I was driving home after a long work day driving all over the place, my radio tuned to WFUV FM in New York.  Ever hear a song for the first time and it feels  like it lasted for an hour even though it was only minutes?The song was "Narcotic Prayer" and I was literally blown away.  When I got home I searched iTunes and downloaded the album immediately.  It was then I discovered he had died over a year earlier. &*^$%&$#  I have everything he's ever recorded.

2.)  Sublime.  Same kind of episode.  The song was "What I Got."  Bought the album and started digging.  Took a while before I finally found out that Bradley Nowell died.  WTF?  It's remained in my rotation ever since.  Damn good album all the way through.  I have the complete collection.

3.)  Imani Coppola.  I have absolutely no idea how I stumbled upon her while absentmindedly foraging amongst the depths of iTunes in January of this year,  but somehow I clicked on a 1:30 sample of "I Am A Tree" from the album Chupacabra.  Wowzers.  To say the least.  I was thinking,  "wow, this is fresh stuff!"  I saw all of her other records and.  based on the strength of Chupacabra's tunes,  purchased them as well.  As I was listening to Chupacabra I started reading and...   Well,  Chupacabra was released in 1997!   Here I am,  a 63 year old white guy thinking I'm hipper than hell...Since then her music has become somewhat more edgy,  incorporating more and more hip-hop and rap but,  man,  she's a fascinating personality,  singer,  lyricist and artist.  An amazing talent.

I've got a few more but let's have some fun with this.  Have at it!

I worked in a huge record store (remember those) In the 1980’s, young guy around 15 comes up to me holding a Janis Joplin album and says “ I have all the albums you carry already. Don’t you any newer albums by her?” I said “that’s the last one she made.” I could see in his face he didn’t know she was dead. When I told him I think it broke his heart. I also once overheard some kid ask another kid who the Beatles were and his friend said “They were Paul McCarthy's backup band.”  But that’s a story for another time.
Oh and yeah, I missed the Whole 2000-2010 era due to kids and work, so I’m catching up on the whole era. 
BTW, Chris Whitley had a daughter, Trixie Whitley. She also plays and sings...
BTW, Chris Whitley had a daughter, Trixie Whitley. She also plays and sings...
She played in a group Black Dub. I saw them in concert, good stuff.  Black Dub consists of Daryl Johnson (bass), Trixie Whitley (vocals), Brian Blade (drums), and Daniel Lanois (piano, guitar).

If streaming check out Arstidir, their Nivalis album is wonderful also their Hvel album.
 They are an Icelandic group

If into collecting nice vinyl where only 100 copies or 250 copies are pressed ( get them while you can ) go to shop.season-of mist.com

I recently picked up their 4 albums.

 No affiliation, just great music I recommend.

Yup - I know Chris had a daughter and I've been following her since discovery.  Good stuff.  Her live recordings are the better of the lot, methinks.  IMHO.  I also discovered a jazz artist,  Stephan Crumb,  who has some excellent releases.  He's an excellent bass player.  (Also a good way to test your loudspeakers low end definition.).