European Speaker Price Increase

The European speaker prices are killing me. I just can't pull the trigger on purchasing anything that is imported from Europe because they all seem to be increasing the prices due to the fall of the American Dollar.

Seriously, if I had bought a pair of JM-Renaud Euterpe speakers 3 months ago I would have paid $1995 - The EXACT same speaker now is $2895 - $900 more!! It will plague me until I am old and gray knowing that I missed the boat on the lower price.

The European speaker companies have to be loosing American sales because of this. I have considered the Jean-marie speakers, which I never got to audition and I have considered the Dali Ikon 6's, which I have audition (not sure they are right for me), but I couldn't pull the trigger on either one, mostly because I realized that I would have been paying way more than what I would have several months ago.

Sooooo......Do you think I will get more bang for my cheap, cruddy, American dollar by sticking with an American made speaker?
Probably so, but still on a case by case audition. Makes one think about the cause of the dollars decline and its political fix doesn't it.
The corolary, is that we Europeans find the US a great place to buy right now. Not that I have'nt bought on Audiogon for years. It must be helping your struggling industrial base greatly.
You should compare some prices for US speakers in Europe with US ones e.g. Avalon Eidolon Vision's retail in Poland (probably the lowest in whole Europe) is at the moment about 50k $. That's a REAL BARGAIN:)
Yes you will;) But some US manufacters are still charging way to much for what you get. With many things namebrands cost more some are worth it most are not. Keep in mind many US loudspeaker manufacters have all this [manufactering] done in China. Same with European brands.....
Sorry, I've meant Eidolon Diamonds not Vision and it costs above 53k $ according to today's rate of exchange.
check out Canada, many excellent speakers made there.
The American dollar will make a comeback with the Euro, but not with Asia.
Sooooo, what US speakers do you all think give you a lot of bang for the dollar?


Have some of you ignored the price increase and bought a European speaker any way. There are a lot of reviews that say the Dali Ikon 6 is a good speaker for the price, but those reviews were written when the speaker was $1500, stereophile included. Now that same speaker costs $1900! Hardly the same price. So I wonder if reviewers or the target consumers for the product would have the same things to say...or does the price change now force you too look at different speakers.
Given the price increase would it be cost effective to buy in Europe, avoid VTA since it is going out of the continent and even with shipping costs be cheaper than buying here?
Once the Federal Reserve begins to finally raise rates again and chop off the nascent inflation that is building here the dollar will revive and foreign prices decline.
The balance is always restored one way or another over time.
IMHO, Vandersteens "give you a lot of bang for the dollar".
Nothing says you have to buy new right now. There are some great buys out there. For example, I just picked up a pair of the classic Spendor SP1/2Es for $1,200. The new SP1/2R model lists for $5,000 for the pair.

If you don't want to pay the bigger bucks for new European stuff right now, get something used at a great price and just wait things out until the dollar rebounds at some point in the future. If you buy wisely, you'll probably get most or even all of your money back on the used item.
Don't forget one would also get 17.5% (Value Added Tax) off the price of any merchandise purchased in the UK for export out of the EU.
That dreaded tax for the long suffering buying British public.
Gawdbless her majesty.
I find the prices too high as well. The best deals I see presently on spks. is on KRIX. They are practically giving them away. I own the Apex 3 MkII and the Equinox. Both are superb. Unfortunately, because they sre so unknown here in the states, resale may be difficult....
Order from a European dealer. I have often done so. Remember items are shipped to the US with no VAT, that is often a 20% saving. Yes, shipping and sometimes duties cut into the saving but it still is worth it. Duty on speakers is about 3%. To cut shipping use a dealer in Ireland or Scotland, since they are nearer the US East Coast. Remember, buying stateside will cost you in sales tax, so figure that into your savings. Use a credit card, but watch out for the transaction fee and what the exchange rates are. Shop your credit cards as some will waiver the transaction fee, typically 3%. So, audition in the US, buy in Europe.
I think I will start a new thread rather than asking for suggestions for speakers in this thread.

Unsound, thanks for the suggestion on the Vandersteens, I have heard several genterations of the 2c's and have never liked them. They sound way too laid back for me and way to dark for my tastes. Although I haven't given a listen in 5 maybe I will give them another shot.
the us and canadian stuff is looking better than ever.
You'll have to wait for the Fed to raise interest rates.