Esoteric N-05 Network player vs Bricasti M1SE with network card

Hello Everyone,
I am looking for opinions on how these two DACs with network capabilities compare with each other. Would love to hear from someone who has heard both of them or ideally even done a A/B test in the same system.
Do they play in the same league or is one totally better than the other? I know they are in different price points, a fairer comparison would be N-01 and the Bricasti, but no-one has heard the N-01 just yet, its too new.

I am only looking for comparison between these two DACs and not new DAC recommendations.

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+1 to anyone with input on the comparisons...


Did you not see the OP specifically  said that he is ONLY interested in the two DAC's  he mentioned, no others?  It seems to me he has narrowed it down to those 2 specific units.

I am the OP, I just wanted to add that I am considering a third unit as well. I should have just edited the post :)
Removed the post to avoid confusion.