Equipment Repair

I need some tweaking on my BAT Amp. Can anyone recommend a San Francisco Bay Area repair shop for this rather than shipping it to the east coast and back?
Thank you,
Scott Frankland in San Jose.  He is the "F" from MFA, and the main man behind Wavestream Kinetics.  He is a great guy, and does an exceptional job.  I have used him for everything from repairing CAT monoblocks to rewiring an SPJ tonearm.
If BAT amp functions well, it does not need tweaking or upgrades. It's perfect as-is. If not than it needs repair with original components.
Tweaking or upgrading BAT will simply be a waste of money and devalue component.

Dead wrong, czarivey.  I have over a dozen mods in my VK75SE, one even recommended by Victor.  I've been in touch with many Agoners who have taken this path with BAT amps and preamps-- none were dissatisfied.  No commercial design is engraved on tablets of marble. 
I concur w/ dgarretson!