enkianthus vs hermes

Did some of you had the chance to compared side by side these two well acclaimed dac.
I did find some reviews here in the forum for these two good machine, but not against each other, I would like to hear from those of you who did compare them. Which one get the most vote of musicallity, depth, bass, soundstage, layering, definition. Well you know what I mean.
I've owned both. The Enkianthus is far better than the Hermes. I spent quite a bit of time hopping up the Hermes, and could never get the fine detail and relaxed, analog like sound the Enkianthus produced. The DAC in the Enkianthus is an actual upsampler, whereas the Hermes (as least the one I had) is not. A friend of mine had a similar experience as well. He also went from an Enkianthus to a Hermes. He ended up selling the Hermes and going back to the Enkianthus.
I agree with Glreno but you also may wnat to consider a tube dac like audio note and audio logic
We have sold both DACs and the day of the over priced units are ending. We have now found a unit that easily eclipses everything but the very best at cost no object and it sells under $2000.00 Follow the North Star to musical pleasure. They also make a great transport and when combined it far exceeds units costing 10 times as much. The combo sells for less than than $3800.00 Brought to you by the people who introduced both the Hermes and the Audiomeca to North America. Technology just keeps improving. Don't spend more until you find out about this product.
Funny you should say that, Hi Fi Farm, as I have owned all three of these products. The latter (Northstar) I obtained at CES 2003 (The S.H.O.W) from Bob at Speakerart, who was showing with the former distributor for Northstar. Bob's a hell of a nice guy, by the way. I would agree with part of what Hi Fi Farm says. If you use the Northstar DAC with the Northstar transport, AND have TG Audio custom build you the silver RJ45 I2S cable ($250), then and only then do you have performance that equals the Enkianthus DAC with a really good transport, and possibly betters it. Why? The Northstar transport upsamples to 24/192 in the transport. Using the I2S connection, there is no jitter or signal loss. Since upsampling is done in the DAC, no jitter is created by the input receiver in the DAC, and the DAC just decodes a pure, upsampled signal from the transport. Ingenious, and it works, and it IS a bargain. The RJ45 cable provided is garbage, and you have to get the TG cable to really make this combo sing. Any other configuration using these components will not result in the overachieving performance I mentioned. I have sold these items to a friend locally who loves them. The only reason I sold them was that I broke down my second system. Some other things about the Northstar transport...it uses two large torroidal power supplies, and the Phillips CDM Pro 2 transport mechanism, which is their best. They are also built very well, and are very compact and attractive. My primary digital gear is DCS Purcell / Elgar Plus with 1394. Yes, it is much better than any of these, and should be for the money. At it's price point, the Northstar combo used the way I mention may be the best deal in digital land. You can read a review of the Northstar components at www.tnt-audio.com
10-13-01: Glreno
Just got a Kora Hermes...latest version dropped shipped from Kora in France. It's a killer DAC, even just being taken out of the box, plugged in and played. Last DACS were the Audiomeca Enkianthias and Altis Reference. It's much more quiet and detailed than the Altis, and a step ahead of the Audiomeca in the same areas while being even more natural sounding. And that's with no break-in or set-up time. It can only get better from here. For $1500, it's a steal!!

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