Enjoying my Audience Au24Sx Speaker Cables, wondering how much better are the Front Row?

I've had the Au24Sx for about 3 months now and they've settled in quite nicely. I was wondering what has been the experience of other Au24Sx owners.  I was looking at the Audience Front Row SC's but they're fairly new and nearly twice the cost.
That sounds amazing! I'll definitely give them an audition in the future! Thanks for that detailed and persuasive mention.


It just struck me. This may or may not be of benefit. But I figured I'd just say it. I know you're anxious to try out the Clarus Crimson SC's.  Last year on a trip to Houston, Tx, I met a fellow audiophile by the name of Jeff Pate! A really great guy!! He has a high-end boutique called, "Houston Audio."  And I know for a fact he's a Clarus dealer.  Perhaps you can give him a call and see if you can arrange some type of demo?

Here's a link to his business.  Hope he can help!


@nyev "People have also suggested I try Wywires, but I’ve seen their house sound described as light and airy in comparison to others . . . "

In my system, WyWires have excellent body/weight.  The lower register of a concert grand piano is thunderous. Perhaps, the reason might be that I cleaned up the power to my rig. The entry level Blue Series is not nearly as good as the upper level models.