Enjoying my Audience Au24Sx Speaker Cables, wondering how much better are the Front Row?

I've had the Au24Sx for about 3 months now and they've settled in quite nicely. I was wondering what has been the experience of other Au24Sx owners.  I was looking at the Audience Front Row SC's but they're fairly new and nearly twice the cost.
Just saw your post. I had audience  au24 SX  and after much consideration and talking to audience I decided to buy them without auditioning. The front row is like au24sx n steroids. Better everything, treble, micro details, bass is tight but layered. Most important to me - they  don’t exhibit any harshness. They require about at least 150 hours of braking so. I had many speaker cables including purist Neptune, shunyata sigma latest, Tara labs o.8 , stealth dream v10. With front row I don’t have any desire to upgrade. Besides great sound , they are flexible and light and don’t look like a garden hose. Keepers for a long time.
Hi mc4u, good news.

It is looking like thecableco MAY be willing to ship me demos of the au24 SX,  biwire version, to test with my Diablo 300!  They are confirming tomorrow.

I am now wondering if I should push my luck and ask them to send the Front Rows as well!

Really looking forward to testing these to see how they compare against the Highly speedy Audioquest/Nordost/Transparent cables I just tested over the weekend.

The final cables I want to test somehow are the Clarus Crimson’s which seems to be a favourite of those who have tried them.

Some have confirmed to me that they prefer the Clarus to the Audience, but we’ll see.

People have also suggested I try Wywires, but I’ve seen their house sound described as light and airy in comparison to others which is not really for me.

I digress, this thread is about the Audience cables!


That's Great News! I don't think you'll be disappointed.  I've heard the Nordost Frey, and Vahalla's and they are extremely clear.  But I think the balance of warmth, transparency, and PRAT you get with the Au24SX will have them in your top two very quickly.

I saw your post and meant to comment about PC's too!  I recently used Synergistic Research Atmosphere UEF PC and I'm going to receive two SR Galileo UEF Analog PC's for my Gryphon Diablo 300 and Torus Power Isolation Transformer (Conditioner).

But, just using the SR Atmosphere on my Cambridge Audio Azur 851 CD player is like a complete and total system upgrade already!  I'll let you know how the system sounds with the addition of the other two by the weekend!  But I highly recommend you look into demo'ing the SR UEF Galileo PC too!

Can't wait to see which ones you decide upon!


Thanks for that review! I've heard some nice things about the Front Row Audience SC. But I've also heard it may be too much of a good thing by some?  They say it really lives up to its moniker because you feel you're in the "Front Row" literally. Some folks have said the cables are a bit overpowering?

But I'm an Audience fan now so I may try them down the line?

But $6K, eeeweee!?!
If you like the AU24 SX, the Front Rows are big step up. Yes the present a feeling that you are in the front row, yes they are reveling, but no signs of harshness or glare, very natural and most important (fro me) relaxed.
The bass, highs, mids are so textured and present with many layers. The focus and image they throw is on another level from SX. If you get them brand new like I did, they will need around 150-200 hours to develop fully. Great job done by Audience. 
That sounds amazing! I'll definitely give them an audition in the future! Thanks for that detailed and persuasive mention.


It just struck me. This may or may not be of benefit. But I figured I'd just say it. I know you're anxious to try out the Clarus Crimson SC's.  Last year on a trip to Houston, Tx, I met a fellow audiophile by the name of Jeff Pate! A really great guy!! He has a high-end boutique called, "Houston Audio."  And I know for a fact he's a Clarus dealer.  Perhaps you can give him a call and see if you can arrange some type of demo?

Here's a link to his business.  Hope he can help!


@nyev "People have also suggested I try Wywires, but I’ve seen their house sound described as light and airy in comparison to others . . . "

In my system, WyWires have excellent body/weight.  The lower register of a concert grand piano is thunderous. Perhaps, the reason might be that I cleaned up the power to my rig. The entry level Blue Series is not nearly as good as the upper level models.
I am a long time Audience cable fan. I am using a few versions of Audience XLR (AU24, AU24SE) | speaker cable (Ohno). I am looking to splurge on the Audience FrontRow speaker cables for a new system.

My question is how important would you rate the cable quality requirement between a preamp and amp (XLR). I am thinking of having only my amp between the speakers and running a long XLR from the preamp to the amp (15 -20 feet). Now I do not think I would want to do this with the Audience FrontRow, due to cost. I am thinking of using the lower cost Audience line if I did this. Or, would I be better of putting the system stand between the speakers and use a short FrontRow XLR betweem the amp and preamp?  I am in a very small room so the anything between the speakers would be adjacent to the speakers (not behind).

I am also going to get a FrontRow XLR between my DAC and the preamp. I will use lower level Audience XLR's for my other analog sources. The amp will be the Luxman m900u and preamp will be the Luxman c900u.


I am looking forward in reading more about Audience FrontRow speaker cables. It has been over 10 years since my last Audience demo.

Happy Listening!

Well, let me just say from what I've experienced (not having auditioned the Audience Front Row SC) I'm convinced more than ever that the digital cables and power cables may make just as much of a difference as the XLR's.

Recently I tried the Black Cat Digit-75 BNC cables in place of my Black Cat 75 MKII digital cables and it made all the difference in the world! A larger and deeper soundstage and imaging, meatier midrange and deeper bass without becoming overly "bloomy,"  "muddy" or exaggerated. But as if you are sitting in the front row!  Again, I preface this by not having auditioned the Front Row speaker cables.

Keep in mind I have the Audience Au24SX XLR cables running from the Chord Hugo TT2 into my Gryphon Diablo 300 Integrated Amp and they are excellent!  But don't overlook the need for a very resolving digital cable either.  I think it boils down to the "Weakest Link" theory.  And from my experience, I believe going with the Audience Au24SX speaker cables combined with a very good and resolving digital cable from your DAC into your preamp may be where your money should be spent.

But, you may ask 10 folks and get 10 different replies.  So, audition!! audition!! audition!!!  That is really the only way you'll truly know!

But make sure you also find some good power cords to audition as well.  Believe it or not, they DO make a difference.  I recommend the Synergistic Research's Galileo UEF Power Cords.
I spent some time last night going over the various permutations of how to rack my system and the best location for the rack. Taking into consideration issues like my single power conditioner that I currently own and not wanting to run very long power cords to the conditioner (from amp), I have decided to get a relatively short 2 or 3 shelf rack and place it in-between the speakers. I think this will be the best compromise for my space and should not effect the stereo imaging too badly.

I will run my tuner from my office desk area with very long cheaper XLR interconnects to the preamp on the rack. I use the tuner for music discovery and it does not have to have the best wires on it. It already  sounds rather good (for a tuner) with cheap Canare XLR's.

I think I can avoid digital cables entirely by going with a Lumin T2 or X1 streamer DAC. If I cannot afford an X1, which can take in a fibre optic Ethernet cable and output an XLR analog signal to my preamp. I will consider setting up the Sonare SystemOptique, which can do some cleanup of copper network noise, though not as well as the Lumin X1 direct fibre optic input.

I have a varied set of old power cords I bought maybe 20 years ago. I am still using some but I think I may dump those old cords and get something new. This will be the last thing I do since I can get up and running without new upgraded power cords. The new Audience power cords also have gotten good reviews and there was a interesting description of the design approaches taken in the construction. If I remember correctly the gentleman who came up with the new design passed away and the PC was the last thing he designed for Audience.