Audioquest Rocket 88 vs Audience OHono ll speaker cables

Hello all,
need some advice on the above mentioned cables.
Just looking to do a true bi-wire set up on my Legacy Signature Se speakers with Pass 250.8
I wanted to know how the two would compare? I already have the Audioquest on my system.
The upgrade bug has bit and no real reason to do this except to try a true bi-wire.

If you’re just using the factory speaker binding strips, you might be surprised what a decent set of jumpers can do. Clear Day Cables jumpers are stupid good and won’t break the bank. Also experiment on not just hooking the speaker wires only to the top but do a criss cross connection. See the Nordost site on their jumpers to see the connection set up they used. I compared the two bottom Nordost models against the Clear Days and felt the Clear Days were better. I am using Clear Days Double Shotgun speaker cable so it could be a synergy thing as well.
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That's interesting, was speaking with Paul form Clear Day last night about his cables.
I wanted to do a trial, but I need 15' that will pose a problem for demo.
I seriously considering these tho .