Energy RC-70????

Local guy is pushing these speakers as his favorite brand. Haven't had a demo yet. Also considering Paradigm studio 100s, or some used Martin Logan Aeon i.

What is your opinion on these choices?

Haven't heard the Paradigms either, me neighbor has Logan Aeon i and cinema center and I think it sounds great.

Room is about 13ftx20ft with vaulted ceiling, all chocolate brown dedicated movie room.

It will be used about 95% for moves and 5% music

Also considering using a separate processor and amp to run the speakers
Local guy is pushing these speakers as his favorite brand.

A dealer? If so,I'm sure he's pushing a brand he sells,why wouldn't he? Best to hear things yourself and make the decision on your own. I'd hate to recommend something and you not like it,you'd end up hating me and calling me ugly names on audio forums!!
I wouldn't do that. I just was checking if any of you thought Martin logan electrostatics would be a bad idea if the room is too narrow not allowing enough airspace around them. I have heard they have a small sweet spot so they wouldn't sound as good to others in the room who weren't sitting in the "perfect seat."

Do you guys think the outlaw 200 watt/channel amp would be too much for my room or should I go with the 140 watt/channel amp?
i'm using the energys in my tv room and i'm very content--they're not life-altering, but are a very solid speaker which i'm unlikely to replace. the paradigm studio series sound very similar to the energys to me--neutral, detailed, well-rounded--and are also a very solid, hard-to-go-wrong pick. i've only heard the ml aeon briefly in a 2ch setting and i was slightly disappointed--although the high end was extremely open and airy i thought the integration between the drivers was less than seamless, and i heard a midbass hump. i haven't heard 'em in an ht system, however, and a sub might very well tame 'em. i do see the energys are deeply discounted (50% off), which might sway to choose them among your other credible candidates.
Thank you Loomisjohnson. I just wanted to make sure the energy speakers are in the same league as the other two before looking into them further. I'm very excited in a couple of weeks I'll get to demo them.
sooner, i'm confident you'll be pleased. energy doesn't get a ton of play on these pages, perhaps because they market heavily to the ht crowd, but their stuff is consistently solid--their parent, which I believe also owns Klipsch, is a big corporation which spends a ton on R&D (partly subsidized by the Canadian government)and puts forth a high value product. let us know your reactions.
Thanks again, I'll let y'all know!
Got to listen to B&W CM9 pair and was impressed with their detail and clarity. I could get into these used with a CM center and ds3 surrounds for about the same price as the rc70/rclcr/rcr setup new. I'm still waiting to hear the rc's, hopefully the dealer will have a set to demo soon, but I'm tempted to just get the CM9's.

Do you guys feel that CM9's would compare to rc70's?
While I have not heard the RC-70's, I would suggest you move up the line and try to find a pair of Veritas 2.3i's. I auditioned last year next to Paradigm Studio 100's and S8's. To my ears, the Energy's were far more resolving and better integrated than the 100's. While the S8's--at more than double the cost-- had the slight edge in treble refinement, they could still not top the expression of the Veritas' dome midrange.
The Energy Reference Connoisseur line offers a completely different presentation of that to B&W's CM series. As you'd come to expect from Energy, the RC-70s are smooth but also extremely rich and detailed. The high frequencies are some of the smoothest I've heard at their given price point. I've read that the RC series is designed with the usage of home theater in mind, but I strongly disagree with those statements. I'm using the RC-70s in a two-channel system and they sound equally impressive, if not more, with music. Both imaging and soundstage are very solid with these speakers. They are on the warm side of neutral, which isn't a bad thing at all since you could listen to them comfortably for hours and hours. It seems that Energy isn't a well known name in audiophile circles, so it always grates on me I hear people tell me to "upgrade" the RC-70s with B&W, JBL, etc. John Tchilinguirian, the engineer behind Energy's highly acclaimed Veritas line, designed the RC series and also incorporated the former's aluminum-dome tweeter and tapered crossover into the series. Unfortunately, Klipsch acquired their parent company, API, and discontinued with the brand's cherry and rosenut finishes.

I haven't had a chance to listen to the CM9s, but I did hear the CM7s and thought they were overpriced IMO. While they did offer extremely good bass response for such a small enclosure, I noticed the tweeter had a metallic harshness to it which I didn't enjoy.

You can't go wrong with either, but it depends on what kind of sound you like. As long as you're using quality components, you'll be happy either way. If you decide to go with the Energy's, you won't get the snob appeal of the B&W's. But what you will get is impressive performances that rivals that of much expensive speakers.
Worth every penny paid! Best speakers i have ever heard with 1 exception (dynaudio). I love mine! Wait til they are broken in, whoa nelly! Your never going to sell them. For my ears, they are the smoothest speaker, accurate, just beautiful. A wee recessed for metal, but nice, as absolutely no fatigue in jigh freq! They perform WELL ABOVE their price point, you would need to triple your spending to get sound this good. Top tier company(rip) top tier speaker! Enjoy.