Emotiva XPR-5 Repair

Hello! first time poster here.

I have an XPR-5 (400Wx5) unit I purchased on 9/17/2012.

Recently it started having an issue where I would hear popping sporadically and then the 5th channel would blink red and the unit would shut off.

I spoke to Support a few weeks ago and they suggested 1) replacing the speaker cable for the 5th channel and 2) moving that speaker to a different channel to determine if the issue is with the speaker or amplifier.

I did those steps and the issue did not follow the speaker. After 30 minutes or so of watching television I hear large popping noises a few times and then the 5th channel (this time with an entirely different speaker and cable) will blink red and the unit turns off.

Unfortunately support is now telling me the XPR-5 is no longer serviceable by them and to find a local dealer. They did provide me the schematics for the unit. I am having trouble finding anyone in the New York area who will look at this thing though.

Any advice? Does anyone know someone who would service this preferably around NY/NJ?

Thank you!!!
Tell me about it :(

They won't even help me find a authorized repair place or guide to what could be wrong with the unit. Just here's the schematics and good luck.
You guys gotta understand the business and cost scope of this subject.  I've talked about this before.  Emotiva will fully support all of their products while in warranty.  Their support is absolute excellent.  You should try getting this type of support from Sony/Marantz/Denon, etc. on a receiver that is still in warranty.  Those companies will just refer you to a certified electronics repair, but nobody want to work on that stuff because there's no real profit/return on those items from the Manufacturer.   I'm sure Emotiva may even support some of their models that are out of warranty.  You have to realize that you are buying a very low cost "excellent for the money" product.  You are not buying a $10,000 amp from Bryston, ARC, Pass Labs, etc. etc.  Those guys will support everything for ever, but you PAY for it.

Emotiva made a business decision to stop supporting their XPR line because of costs and the difficulty in just working on the XPR platform (believe me that I know how difficult this is because I have now rebuilt 4 XPR-1 amps so far).  It's a freaking pain-in-the-XXXX.  Even under warranty, customers would never ship their stuff using freight on a pallet even though Emotiva told them to. The amps being 100lbs would often arrived damaged and the heavy transformers are often broken loose.  It became a lose-lose situation for them.    Be glad that they are supplying full schematics for these amps (something that doesn't happen very often).

Just keep that in mind when you start complaining about Emotiva.
Audio from CHINA is not supposed to be worked on in America, it is a throw away product. when I see you may need a update on a product I put my money back in my pocket and walk away. I had the same problem with Velodyne. I had there subwoofers two matching units and it had a plate amp in it that would not come on, called them up and they told me sorry we don't fix them we swap out the old and replace with the new- $287.00 please. I said not me!!! got on line and slapped a donor in and kept it moving. Maybe that is why Velodyne sells Office intercoms and not audio, which is good they need to be in Office Max selling Chinese tele-tubbys or something not audio. I would not buy any EMOTIVA product because I see too many at fleamarkets on the ground.
Emotiva is low cost low-fi. I speak from experience of having owned one at one time. How they can’t support older amps is a tragedy. I wouldn’t buy a pair of slippers from them.  Shame.  You buy junk for pennies on the dollar you get junk.  
We all like to think that manufacturers should support their products forever but it's not a cost effective preposition. It's not cost effective for the manufacturer or the consumer. After a few years even the manufacturer may not have access to the parts they need to repair a unit. For consumer electronics, I think around 7 years would be an extended support timeframe. Longer than that is a huge bonus but that is not always possible today.