Emmlabs CDSA

This is one of the few players I am considering.Unfortunately there isn't any in my area to audition( same goes for the Berkeley dac).
I would like to get the opinions of those who have either owned it or auditioned it. WHat did you like about it? What did you NOT like about it? strenghts/weaknesses etc.
ANy and all input would be greatly appreciated.
..i have had mine for about 2 years and have loved every minute...it replaced a heavily modded scd-1 and is far superior in both the sacd format and ... maybe more importantly..the cd format....there are no drawbacks to the sonics. it is truely a superb player.the transport mechanism has not received great marks as there are better..the esoteric comes to mind...although the new cdsa player...~ $25k..apparently does use the esoteric transport.you will not be dissappointed with it ..it is a great player...
"...~ $25k...you will not be dissappointed with it ..it is a great player..."

Jiminy Christmas!! For $25,000 it damn sure BETTER be a great player. I just *know* I'm gonna get pounded on for saying this, but WTF could possibly make this player worth $25,000? The house I currently live in, now worth approx. $700,000, cost $26,800 when new....

$25,000 for a CD player is, IMHO, totally insane.

Let the pounding begin...

Calloway, does your CDSA have the upgraded transport? It seems to be pretty well built to me. Maybe not VRDS, but like you, I find it to be a wonderful player; I surprisingly prefer it to my previous Accustic Arts transport and DAC, I was not expecting to as I was simply interested in going with a high-quality, one-box solution for ergonomic reasons. RW, nothing makes it worth $25,000 but for the fact that they have a market for it for well healed audiophiles; you are unlikely to find a justification for it based on parts costs (even with the expense of using the Esoteric drive) and reasonable profit - but that is the nature of luxury items.
Just to clarify;I am asking about the 11k model( CDSA SE) and not the 25K model.Thanks for the input.I hope to see some more.
Budt, I came to the CDSA-SE after having owned NAIM, ARC CD3mkII and most recently the Accustic Arts Transport and DACIV. What the CDSA-SE does best is provide incrediblly good microdynamics that allows me to better hear the vocal or intrumental inflections of a performance, this makes the singers intent (lyrics and emotion) more intelligible and and instrumentalists performance clearer. These aren't really audiophile terms, but can best be expressed by saying the CDSA let's me understand what the musician is trying to say - which is a little different than focusing on timbral balance, soundstaging, speed, etc. I tend not to focus on that when I listen to equipment, but rather how close do I feel I am getting to the musical message - judged this way, it is the best digital performance I have heard -- this on Redbook CD, as I only own to SACDs (Analogue Productions Blue Train and Moanin). Unfortunately SACD is even better, but not likely that format will survive for long. I've not heard the Alpha DAC, and based on "reviews" it sounds like a unit well worth auditioning, but I just wasn't interested in two-box (PC/DAC or Transport/DAC) combo at this point.
pupul57...yes it does have the upgraded transport which is better then the original..and i am ...also..talking about the $~12.5k player..the price with the upgraded transport...and the $25 player ...i am sure..is better then the $12.5 player. ...and for the other poster..' WTF could possibly make this player worth $25,000'...the same reason a porsche is worth $100,000....you buy the kia...it's all relative
very musical, great microdynamics & detail in a musically satisfying way. world class imaging, treble & tone. weaknesses incl deep bass depth & impact (vs esoteric XO1d2), build quality could definitely be better, slow response time. not sure my review is still on dagogo but worth looking at it if it is.
I think that is a really good way of saying it, microdynamics and detail, yet "musical". That is a very important area of performance to me, it really makes the music more intelligible, you get more of a sense of not only what is singer is saying, but how they feel about it. Hard to describe what I mean, but when you hear it you'll get it. Let's just say that it has to be on any short-list of top ranked players and the rest is ergonomics, personal taste, and price. I'm going to wait a few years before going the computer audio route, I still think that playing field has not sorted itself out and with 2,000+ CDs, not that relevant at the moment.