anyone used rives parc equip. with emmlabs dcc2


I was wondering if anyone has used the rives Parametric Adaptive Room Compensation with their emmlabs dcc2 preamp. On the one hand, it appears to be a well reviewed product to fix kinks in room acoustics. On the other hand, I am wary of fiddling with the fine sound of the emmlabs dcc2 cdsd combo by adding a component between the dcc2 and the amplifier.

Any comments?
Haven't an not sure of the price but right now for $3,600 the DEQX pre/processor can do amzing things with both the speaker and the room and wonder if you have given it any research before speding more money elsewhere.
If you do give it a go, then let us know the outcome.
I used to have the Zsystem EQ, but with the emm gear you can't take advantage due to the optical connectors. You have to be so careful incorporating such units as it gets confusing(you like the new sound instantly and then query it after a few days or on different music) and then that gets dangerous.
I have always noticed that changing cables tends to take out some of the anomalies that may occur in the room. Hence that is why I dropped mating the sub or using the EQ as it destroyed the cleanness of the meitner gear and moved my spkr placement to compensate.