EMM DCC2 & Learning Remote

Just got my DCC2 yesterday and attempted to transfer the functions of the DCC2 remote to my learning remote. I do this by pointing the remotes toward one another and sending the signal from the DCC2's remote to my learning remote. This has worked with every other remote I have ever owned, but does not seem to work with the DCC2 remote. Is there something different about the way the remote works? Has anyone else tried to get a learning remote to read the signals from the DCC2's remote? If so, which ones? Does anyone know if the remote uses similar codes to say Sony, Philips, etc. as I also have the option of programming my remote using codes from many large electronics manufactures? Thank you for your input!!! I am going to call EMM Labs later today but thought I would ask here first.

P.S. I am running the DCC2 with a $100 DVD player from Best Buy and a $12 coax cable and it sounds amazing....resolution, resolution, resolution!!!!! I am waiting for a friend's modified Philips, as he is purchasing an EMM Transport. I will admit that the sound is a little thin and lacks some body when using the Best Buy DVD player and Coax (Also, I just hooked the DCC2 up for the first time a few hours ago). However, this is what I expected. I have tried great DACS with crappy transports in the past and have never gotten them to sound anywhere near that quality I get from this combo. (I should also note that I am accustom to having an Elrod Statement II on my Transport which adds a lot of body. I cannot use it on the Best Buy unit as its cord is permanently attached.)
I am in a some what similar situation, however I am awaiting my CDSD and am using a $149 DVD player I had laying around and while its no where near as good as with the meitnerized phillips, the sound is still really really good. I can not help you with your question, however, I am curious if you got a remote with your DCC2? I was told I was getting one and haven't seen it yet and its been almost 6 months.
Could anybody explain what do you lose when not using a metineirezed Philips or a Meitner transport?
I would to know if using a universal (DVD + CD + SACD) cheap player (Pioneer 565) with de DCC2, can I still play SACD or the features I lose in the CD area.
Tireguy, I did recieve a remote. Based on a conversation I had, I think (but am not sure) that they will send you your remote with your transport.

Rcr, you will loose the ability to play SACD's using the DCC2's dac. You will be able to use the dac for CD, and then can use your player for everything else by running it throught the DCC2 (thus using the DCC2 as a pre-amp).

the Meitner/emmlabs Dac's (both the DCC2 and the DAC6e/DAC6) will play redbook with any transport that can output a digital signal.....but it will not be optimized.

the reason is that the emmlabs DAC's are designed for the transport to operate with the digital clock slaved to the clock in the DACs. this arrangment eliminates jitter. but; this arrangement requires use of the custom emmlabs digital interface.....which is comprised of three ST Optical cables (one for data, one for clock into the dac, and one for clock out of the dac). combined with the upsampling to dsd of the redbook signal.....this approach results in SOTA redbook performance. used without the special emmlabs interface it is still a very excellent perfroming dac.

unfortunately, there is not a way for a universal player to output raw dsd to the emmlabs dacs. the only transports that do that are either the emmlabs transport or a couple of others that use the firewire interface (that is inherently jitter prone IMHO). so you can't use your universal player to play SACD's thru the emmlabs dac's (including the DCC2).

i hope that answers your question.
Problem solved!!!!! I taught an old radio shack learning remote the codes from the DCC2 remote. I then used the radio shack remote to teach the codes to my Home Theater Master. I have no idea why the Home Theater Master could not learn the codes directly from the DCC2 remote. Oh well.