best study (tutorial learning) audio gear (headphones, DAC amp)

What's the best for speed watching tutorials?

We should get a sense of price and value. If you recommend >1, rank them best to worst and give them points and ideally a price.

example: 10 model a $100, 8 model b $1


  1. DAC amp
  2. ventilating headphones: They keep skin dry and healthy, and provide relief from non-ventilated headphones.
  3. noise cancellation headphones: If your room is soundproofed, this might be unnecessary. Reduce sound sent to and received from the environment.
    1. ANC (active noise cancellation)
    2. PNC (passive noise cancellation)

What I've heard about ANC

  1. It cancels white noise, but not irregular noise.
  2. It sounds worse.

I have

  1. FX Audio DAC-X6
  2. Koss KSC75: Its better than ATH-M50X, worse than 280 PRO. It's open back and vents.
  3. Sennheiser HD 280 PRO: Ignoring the closed back sound, it sounds the same as Stax SR-5 and better than KSC75, ATH-M50X, and Skull Candy IEMs.

The gear is only 1 half of the coin. First, are you satisfied with what you already have? Could more gear provide the experience you want?

YouTube and audio textbooks are your friend.
I'm going to get vented headphones. KSC75 isn't durable enough where the clip snaps on. Mine are broken. They could vent through permeable pads (like velor). Sound will pass through the pads, so they won't block noise. I think they will be open back.

How I chose my current gear:

I bought the M50X because of good reviews and ratings. The excessive treble was irritating, so I switched to my ~$10 IEM. I searched for a negative M50X review and found Zeos (Z Reviews). He earned my trust by not liking the treble. Because of him, I gradually bought the KSC75, DAC-X6, and HD 280 PRO. I bought the HD 280 PRO because he liked the PNC and sound. I got much better PNC with KSC75 inside 3M Pro-Grade Earmuffs.
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