Recommendation for universal learning remote

Any thoughts on a good audio only universal learning remote without all the usual buttons like on a home theater remote that has so many TV buttons? Thanks .
I would tell you to look into a Proton SRC-2000 Smart Remote unit. I have had one for over a year now, and it
can be very un-cluttered and easy to use for most people.
It is a touch screen unit with 8 clearly marked push buttons
below the screen. The touch screen can be customized by the user for each component, and the sizes, locations, and labels for each command can be customized as well. List price is around $200, but I have seen them discounted as low as half that amount on E-Bay at times. Very well made and user friendly!
I second bigshutterbug, I've had the original pronto for 2 years and absolutely love it. It made my system so easy to use my girlfriend can use it!
I have the Marantz RC2000 remote for audio and had a rather
difficult time programming it. Then got a Sony RM-VL900
for HT. The Sony is wonderful! So easy to program and use. Easy to hold. Check reviews on audioreview and Best is the price is $36.90 on etronics. Check it out!