Elrod EPS-3 or EG Epiphany Please Help

I have just secured the Electraglide Epiphany for my Krell KSP-28c Cd Player to replace Michael Wolff Source (Copper). For now - I will keep Michael Wolff Gain (Copper) for the Krell KCT Pre-amp. I am thinking about either Elrod EPS-3 or another EG Epiphany from wall to BPT 3.5 Signature conditioner. I know the best thing is to secure both and try them out and let my own ears be the judge but I just want your opinion which I should try first. Thanks!
Please note: I meant for Elrod EPS-3 Signature (not the the Standard version)
If you purchase an Electra Glide Audio Epiphany cord, it will not have a ground. Are you aware of this? Also, if you require repair and/or adjustment to your Electra Glide Audio cord that necessitates shipping to Scott Hall, you may wait months and months, or you may never see your cord again. Is this worth the gamble?

Elrod EPS3 Signature cords sound superb, and I've owned both the EG Epiphany and the Elrod EPS3 Signature. Also, the DCCA Extreme Reference and Extreme Ref-1 cords are worth investigating. They possess comparable body to the Elrod EPS3 Signature with a touch more extension and air, IMO.
I have had grounding problem in the past when adding the REL Stadium III even with the grounding wire. However, the hum went away after disconnecting and carefully reconnecting all cables. I hope the EG Epiphany does not cause a problem.
Personally, I would not want an ungrounded power cord feeding a power conditioner to which several of my power hungry components would be connected. This is for safety reasons, not for reasons of system hum. The hum is hard to hear over the crackling of a house fire. :)
Thanks TVAD, I will investigate something else (with ground) for power conditioner. I will have to try out the Epiphany on the cd player. I will check out the DCCA. I see that you must have like the Epiphany to have it re-terminated for 15A. Are you planning on trying it on the your source?
I see that you must have like the Epiphany to have it re-terminated for 15A. Are you planning on trying it on the your source?

Since I have not received my Epiphany power cord back from Electra Glide Audio after I sent it to Scott Hall at the beginning of June and he subsequently sold it to another customer, and since Scott Hall does not respond to e-mails from me nor from the Better Business Bureau, I do not anticipate trying the Epiphany power cord on my source.

Also, I was not aware when I shipped the Epiphany cord to Electra Glide Audio for re-termination that it did not have a ground. Had I been aware of that fact, I would never have considered it for use on a power conditioner.

Try the DCCA or Elrod. They are both outstanding power cords, and I use one of each on my Hydra 2 conditioners, with the DCCA cord used on the Hydra that feeds my digital source.

Sorry you did not read previous post regard Scott Hall. I have dealt with him in the past and i NEVER got my Power Cord back from him (I sent him 2 Fat Boy way back for upgrade) and i have reside to the fact that i have learned my lesson to NEVER DEAL directly with Scott Hall - i have called, email and even filed complaint to the Better Business Bureau through the Internet without much success!!

Anyway, for anyone who want to get Electraglide product, please work with the Dealer (Stewart is great) but NEVER NEVER deal directly with Scott Hall!!! I have to admit that the guy make an amazing PC - i like the Epiphany much better than the Elrod EPS-Statement...
TVAD, is your DCCA specifically designed for source components?
Guidocorona, I own two DCCA cords. One is specifically designed for source components, and the other is specifically designed for high current components, e.g. amplifiers and power conditioners.

Kdtran, it amazes me to believe anyone would continue to support Scott Hall and Electra Glide Audio after essentially having two cords stolen by him. It's also beyond my comprehension that dealers continue to sell his products knowing his repeated history of neither returning cords nor compensating the owners for the dollar value of the unreturned cords. I'm just stunned.
I am also a fan of DCCA Cords, I am excited to hear
Elrods,Electraglides, and more expensive pc, just
to see, how the DCCA will measure against these more
expensive cables,of course service is very important
to me.So far Ive tried this cables with at least
five system now, they continue to amaze me, and never
disaapoint me.Like Tvad said they are worth investigating,
But In my case, it might as well be your last pc,Don
is a very nice and flexible guy to deal with.
To all:
I, too, have been defrauded by Scott Hall of Electra Glide.
In April 2005, I returned an EG cord to Scott Hall for a SIMPLE adjustment...the mesh dislodged from the base.
I had it ONE DAY and my dealer said to mail it to EG directly rather than sending it back to him. This would expedite the process, we believed.
Today is 11/8/05, and I still have no cord.
Constant emails have been ignored. I spoke to Hall once and he gave me the runaround.
My dealer says he's calling him often and I will get it. I am constantly on his case. It's 8 MONTHS and still no cord.
Don't buy Electra Glide.
The stories of mr Hall keep coming and coming . Its a shame . I have owned the Epiphany and in fact had an all Epiphany system till I auditioned the Elrod Statement. I could not disagree more with the above observation , the Statement was the clear winner in my system and i sold every Epiphany . To each his own
I Just felt compelled to chime in on the conversation. I would wholeheartedly agree with Tvad regarding the DCCA pc's. I have use a variety of different pc's on my amps including TG audio slvr's, 688's, Electraglide Fatboys, Silent Source just to name a few and none have come close to the DCCA's. These definitely caused a "WOW" type of reaction when I plugged them in. The soundstage widened and deepened, the detail of instrumentation and vocals improved significantly, the dimensionality was greatly improved. These were definitely a homerun in my estimation.

Don Ostrander is a great guy to work with. His emails are prompt and his service is first rate. I would highly recommend that you consider the DCCA's.

I want to be clear. I'm a strong advocate of recommending several
options from which others may choose. I never claim that any product is
going to be the last of it's kind you'll ever purchase, because it's never
been true for me.

I own and use a DCCA Extreme Reference power cord, and I also own
an Elrod EPS3 Signature, a Ridge Street Audio Poiema!!! and a Purist
Audio Dominus power cord. They are all outstanding. Some work better
than others for certain applications in my system. Your experience may
or may not be the same, but you'll only know by trying them for
The other day I went to friends house,who also own
Plinius SA100,Audio research LS22,transport Muse
and Theta trasport,we plug the DCCA powerwave, the
improvement, Ive heard in that system amazes me
again,this is the 5th time I heard this cables on
a differrent system, they are very consistent.Scifi
I do strongly agree with you.
TVAD and all - thanks so much for your contribution!!
I also have a BPT 3.5+ conditioner and have an Elrod Statement to it from the wall (used to have a Sig 3, and yes, there is a big audible difference stepping up to the Statement, at least in my system). The Elrod power cables shine in my system on the back end(to amps), while the EG Epiphanies are best on the front end.

Will be getting a Virtual Dynamics Revelation PC next week - was told to put it on the front end by Rick Schultz. I have a hunch my system is in for a real treat!