Electronic Circuitry For Dummies

I've been through all 686 thread titles in tech Talk and can't find anything on circuits. Can anyone recommend a book or books that explains what resistors, capacitors, etc do and how electricity becomes an audio signal? I just want to understand how my amplifier works and maybe get a handle on things like what biasing tubes does to the signal.
Check out Robert Harleys' "Complete Guide To High-End Audio" It should shed some light on this and many other matters. Good Luck.
I'd get an electronics 101 handbook. This is what you're looking for.
Audio Amateur Publications have tons of books geared to people of all levels of knowledge from newbie to expert. They have a website. Radio Shack used to carry a few books for beginners. Don't know if they still do.
I'd buy a basic electronics experiment kit from Rat Shack or similar from a local toy store. You learn best by doing.
It's fun, too.
Elgordo-audio amateur is a great site, thanks.
If you want to learn it all, I suggest my last school book which was introduction to electronics by earl gates. Abit dry. That's probably why I forgot so much of it, but never the less still interesting.
You could try www.sound.au.com and read the articles page some of the stuff in there is brilliant on Amplifiers and electronics in general. Alot of information is stored on this site it even points out that there are counterfeit Transistors being sold under the Motorola name. He is a scientist so he doesnt believe in IC's and speaker wire but his amp stuff (mostly tube) is great. Happy reading. Tim.
Why not take a course or two at your local community or 2 year college. Ya never know, you may hook up with another person with the same interests in audio as yourself. That's where I got started. Got a degree at the local 2 year school and graduated 2 years later with a BSEE from a local university.