Write a Book Dummies

Alright, audiophile nerds. Out of work? Can't support the audio habit? Solution is at hand!
Write A Dummies Book!!!
Yes, lots of greying, tech-challenged old farts like me have a little, but not comprehensive, electronic/software skills but need information that has been "dumbed" down. Dummy Books flourish; write, find a publisher, heck even publish online with bright yellow background.
I am about to venture into the world of musical HD server; invest in a dedicated Mac, Drobos or Glyph backup, FW Dac; big investment for me. I read the threads on "gon, Asylum, Audiophile Computer, AV Guide, etc. but still have unanswered basic ???'s that hold my venture up. Get busy, fortune and fame await. Sign the title page and I'll buy the first copy, but it has to be 1. good 2. readable 3. simplistic but comprehensive.
I doubt it will happen...

Things are changing very quickly, and a conventional book would be outdated before it was published. I was where you are at a few years ago and already the learning curve was steep at that time. It's even worse nowadays.

The good news is that there are a lot of helpful people in the "know", even designers and engineers of the products themselves sometime step in and answer questions.

If I may begin to help you, the first thing I would do is try to forget most everything you might think you know about computers and their connections. High end digital is a lot more like high end analog than it is I.T. (information tech) from my experiences.
Feel free to personal message me if you have some specific questions you would like answered. Otherwise the Computeraudio Forums are a great place to ask questions as long as you don't mind the occasional troll chiming in (same as it is here). FWIW, I presently own all of the items on your list and then some.
The best references now days can be found on line. If you have a specific need, you can simply "Google" it. I have found answers to all of my technical questions this way.

Like you, Farmdoc, I still cherish the physical written medium. Can you imagine reading a novel on line? There are new electronic “book” formats that will appeal to a new generation that look similar to the iPad, in which the reader will simply scan the “tablet” by swiping a finger across the screen. Complete novels will be read this way. Give me a clumsy old hard cover any day!
I always wanted to write a series of "Dummies" books:
How the Burgle for Dummies
How the rob convenience stores for dummies
How to Rob a Bank for Dummies
How to be happy in the slammer for dummies
How to do extortion right for dummies
How to do BIG TIME for dummies
How to get started in a criminal career of your choice for Dummies
How to maximize your time in Juvi hall for Dummies
How to run a gambling joint for dummies
How to start a profitable Brothel for dummies
There are dozens more possibilities...
I think stupid criminals need some books too.
And the cops could have secret 'screw up tips in the books, negating the actual use to crooks.
I could make money, books would sell for crooks and crook fans, libraries, especially PRISON libraries.. Cops too.
I could then start working on my aeresol products "Cop BeGone" and its fellow scent to remove a person or persons "BumAway"
I think "BumAway" would sell REALLY well.
9i hope this humor does not offend anyone Especially my local Boys in Blue!)
There is a "Home Theater For Dummies" but I was looking for something on surround sound.
Seriously, it is true all the information is on the web. the problem is FINDING IT. for all it's benefits, Google and the rest of the search engines just do not have the right system.
Wikipedia is in the right direction, but has it's own issues. So a book is still the right medium.
UNLESS: online books for tech issues. They could be updated regularly by the publishers.. Paid fee to 'buy' the book, the unlimited access?download for XXX time. (you could Keep the old book, or opt to by current stuff)
Some sites are the real form the old book has become.
The best example of this I know of is "ALL MUSIC GUIDE" which had fabulous book reviews.. now pretty exclusively on the web at allmusic. com.
4est, thanks for the offer. I will probably have to take you up on the offer as I move into full gear in 4 - 6 weeks.
I agree; I've tried the electornic medium of reading newspapers/novels/history and keep coming back to the hard copy. It's just right. Probably a generational thing, but hey, I can deal with that.
Didn't offend me, Liz. While getting my instrument pilots rating a few years ago, I searched high and low for a Dummies in that area. A bit too esoteric I'm afraid. How about "How to apply for, and get Gov't Stimulus $$$ for Dummies".
Here is a web site that I often refer those seeking info to:http://justfuckinggoogleit.com/