Electrocompaniet EMC-1 Spare Parts

I own an Electrocompaniet EMC-1 CDP and I would like to know where in the USA to buy spare parts (the plastic ring or plastic spindel). My plastic ring or spindel (the magnetic stabilizer sits on this plastic part when playing a CD) has broken and the CD player does not operate without this external plastic part.

I will also try contacting Electrocompaniet for assistance. Thank you!
Just contact the dealer you bought the player from, another authorized Electrocompaniet dealer, or the distributor for the country you reside in. Any one of them should be able to get you the parts you need.

Best Regards...Mike - Father & Son Audio
Thank you for your response. The US Distributor was nice enough to contact me but he does not have any plastic spindels available in stock. I'm sending an "SOS" and I'm asking if anyone else is selling the plastic spindel? Without this part, my EMC-1 cd player is inoperable. Thank You!
The US distributor should go back to Norway and tell them that he needs the spare parts. This is a classic problem with foreign manufactures and Electro has always been slow on the uptake on this matter. Since their US representative is also slow on the uptake, I would call over to Norway and ask them to send you the part. They all speak English in the factory, so there should be no theoretical communications problem. You can also try calling a Heinz Preiss Electronics in Bensalem, PA. They were the original US service center for Electro. I have not idea if they are still around, but you need to try all options. Their old number was 215-757-9426. Good luck.
I have spoken to Heinz Preiss recently. He has retired and does only service Electro if he still has the parts available and he does not have many left. I do not think he has the plastic spindle, so my best advice for you is to call Norway and have them send you a plastic spindel.
If they will not do this, email me and I will call a German frend of mine who sells Electro. I know he can get a spindel, since he got one for me also at a time when I still owned the Electro cdp.
Thank you for help, I truly appeciate all the feedback that I've gotten. For the record, Electrocompaniet and the U.S. Distributor were most helpful. I understand they are awaiting receipt for the new part and have generously offered to send me the part (plastic spindel) without charge. I feel they (Electrocompaniet and the US Distributor) are very caring people and are highly service oriented.
The current distributor is the best they have had in their 20+ years in the US. It is nice to see that they have been able to break the old barriers. Good luck and happy listening.
I wanted to let people know that I had a very pleasant experience in dealing with the U.S. Distributor and Electrocompaniet. I did receive the spare part (which has been changed from a soft to hard plastic spindel) and both parties were extremely helpful and thoughtful. Thank you to all!