Economic Safe Way to Ship an Amp


I need your guys help asap, I'm trying to have an 150lbs amp ship from california to florida, what company have any of the audiogon family have used in the past to safe and economic transport one this heavy amps. I would like to know what to choose, I have already talk to Yellow freight and the seem to have a pretty decent rate and serice. Please help. I would like to schedule this by tomorrow.

thank you
Bax Global, but they may only handle business to business.
Fed Ex. Frieght I think is another that should be checked out.
The Idea of the impoosibly heavy or superheavyweight amp has always been a fantasy mine. Even though I think the fact that at least you get something of true substance for all that money is more effective in proclaiming by gross tonnage that this is a mighty beast indeed it must be powerful. Shipping them around should always be the sellers responsibility.
If you can use a phone and can clearly use a computer just keep inquiring until there is a "Of course yes we will ship whatever you like if it is legal to do so, Sir! (or whatever your title is) and proceed with the logistics and find out that will cost you a trip to the ER for back spasms or worse. The other problem in selling an old Krell is that people used to have other people who were skilled in the art and poetic dance of immensely strong elepantine men. People actually made a career and not earn a living carrying shit for other people.
I am no lightweight and carried some very heavy things (I was a lifter in College) but even trying to tote my latest aquisition a Jadis DA 60 represents a significant trial. Its about 80lbs a feather once but 30 years later a full story down a flight of narrow stairs then through an obstacle course to a platform.
Therefore there should be regional offices for examing, testing and purchasing. Then a completley do it yourself method to carry the objects to their new home. My .02
I would strap it to a pallet if possible. Check freight forwarders. If you can take it to and pick it up from airport, air freight is probably the safest, quickest, and possibly even cheapest.