Most economical way to max performance of B&W 804

I have a pair of B&W 804s speakers that are connected to a Rotel SACD 1082 player and Onkyo SR605 7.1 home-theater system. I hope to get your thoughts on how best to maximize the performance of these speakers - of course without blowing the budget of about $1500. I listen to Jazz and audio mainly. Deeply appreciate your thoughts on this.
Well if you really want bang for the buck and can solder products>nCore

or keep you eye out for an Ayre V3 power amplifier. Bop on.
I would re-visit and verify my speaker placement/setup, and then, if not already present, apply room sound treatment.
After that, its wide open.
For 2 channel look for a 2-channel integrated amp with a home-theater pass through if you want to use in conjunction with your HT receiver. I would try to listen to Krell, Musical Fidelity, Plinius, etc.