Multi-Channel, Light-Duty, Economical, Digital Amp

Short version: looking for an economical-leaning, three channel, preferably digital amp to leave on all the time for center and surrounds in a HT setup. So, by no means needs to be the last word in refinement or musicality (or much else) -- just clean, reliable power will do the trick. The crop / strata of class D amps that I am aware of (Rowland, Bel Canto, Wyred 4 Soud, Spectron, D-Sonic, etc.) are all a bit -- and some significantly -- more spendy than I suspect the task at hand deserves. What else is out there that's worth considering?

And for the longer version: So, I've been driving my center channel speaker (Thiel SCS3) with an 800 watt monoblock (Bryston 4b-st, bridged mono, previously driving mains, and since it was around after an upgrade I -- what the hell -- put it to work...). Which is a little silly.

Well, blew an internal fuse the other day. No problem, it's blown fuses before and I even have extra on hand -- but it really drove home that it's really not designed to be left on, you know, indefinitely.

So, having made the leap to more efficient class D amps for my main speakers (where I really do care a lot about how things sound) seems arguably silly to run a sucking A/B monster for the center or surrounds (where I really care relatively little). Of the crop of digital folks out there that I am aware of, the D-Sonic 3 x 250 definitely fits the bill on paper, but is likely just flat-out a better amp than the application warrants. And more expensive (although, I’d be happy to trade one for the Bryston…?).

To really set the stage, the center and surrounds are currently running off of the amp section on a Marantz SR7000 (or with the center through the Marantz pre-outs and the Bryston). The Marantz, really, is probably adequate for what I'm after in the center and surrounds: clear dialog from the center, while the rears do whatever it is they do, all ambience like, in the back. I feel like I am interested in doing better, but, you know, not all THAT much better....

Anyway, longer version aside, same question: any other ideas to fill the need? Many thanks.
Have you considered upgrading your receiver to a higher quality more current model? If you're using it for home theater you should have one with HDMI connections and that is capable of decoding the HD formats.

Something like an Integra 80.2 would probably give you the improvement in sound quality that you're looking for, support 3D TV and blu-ray formats and would include Audyssey that really helps with the home theater setup.

I'm thinking that you could use pre-outs from the receiver to your stereo amplifiers (if they have home theater bypass capability) and only use the receiver for home theater applications with all of your stereo gear connected directly to your stereo pre-amp.
Yup, exactly how it's set up at the moment -- and something I've considered as possibly an end-goal. Though, my present thinking is to eventually progress to a processor-only (HT preamp/processor, skip the onboard amp section) on the HT end, and it was with that eventual goal in mind that I've been gravitating to seperate amps. HDMI switching / connectivity would definitely be something else to motivate, but last I'd sought to survey state-of-the-art on that it seemed like more of a moving target than I necessarily wanted to commit to. And, for my current sources, just don't need it.

The relevant stereo bits are all Rowland (201 monoblocks and Concerto preamp), and the mains run from the Marantz into the bypass loop on the Rowland when the HT end is up and running.

The likely best (or most appropriate) options that I've identified for the amplification bits on the center/surrounds would be a trio of the Outlaw 2200 monoblocks or something like the Emotiva XPA-3 (or perhaps one of those older Classe CAV-150s if the price were right). Either would be right about in my sweet spot for what I'm looking for in terms of functionality, price, power and refinement. (i.e., 3 channels, ~200wpc, around $700 new, and above-decent quality). The Outlaw is class A/B/H and the Emotiva is A/B. I see, for example, 4,000 watt class D monoblocks for $100 for your car -- was just wondering whether there was perhaps something equivalent to the Outlaw / Emotiva option in the class D realm. Eventually, I'm sure there will be, but if it's on the market yet I haven't been able to find it. Question is, what am I missing? Thanks again.
Final thought: barring identification of a better option, I am definitely going to put the Bryston back on the center. Having spent a couple of days trying the Marantz's amp section on the center for comparison, clearly miss the Bryston. Driven by Rowland and Bryston, the three (center and mains, all Thiel) speakers across the front really do present a seamless sound profile. Just goes to show that the "keeping it in the family" theory of center channel speaker selection is for real. But with the center on the Marantz amp section (at a rated albeit dubious 105 watts), the center channel kinda stands out like a sore thumb. You notice it -- in a brighter, thinner, entirely not-so-good sort of way -- whereas before it dissapeared. So, anyway, aint broke and stick with the Bryston perhaps I should....